Are you addicted to Tortillas? I found TortillaLand!

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We are addicted to tortillas. Wanna hear about it?

Recently Hubby purchased the Perfect Tortilla Bowls on tv. Have you seen those? At first I made fun of him, but once they came I changed my mind. I’ll tell you about that in a minute.

We have tortilla recipes for every time of day.

I’ve featured my Yummy Egg Tacos on the blog before. We eat them every Saturday morning for Breakfast.

I use them for the kid’s Lunches. Something a little different that they enjoy besides the boring bread sandwiches. Their favorite wrap is pretty simple – mixed greens, grilled or fried chicken (use leftovers!), and cheese. They eat every bite.

Dinner options are endless! Taco, enchiladas, and oohy gooey cheesy quesadillas.

Our new fav is salads! We use the Perfect Tortilla Bowl to eat healthy salads and they are wonderful with the crunch of the shell on the side. I never made a salad as our main meal until these bowls arrived. Now we have them at least once a week!


I recently made a new Snack that I believe would work even better as an Appetizer. 

Roll-Ups made with 8oz of cream cheese, 1/4c sour cream, 2 green onions chopped, 1/2 taco seasoning.

Desserts – yes cinnamon shell bowls. yummmmmm.

Let me tell you though, the right tortilla makes everything better!

I’m delighted to introduce TortillaLand

Uncooked flour tortillas. They make Corn and Whole Wheat too. Warm them up in a pan for a minute.

Made with just five natural ingredients: unbleached wheat flour, water, canola oil, salt and just a pinch of sugar to hold it all together.

They are scrumptious! Really! I am patiently waiting for them to appear in a grocery store near me. I will never buy another when that happens! I was snooping around Amazon and found a company that ships them. I may have to grab some more because I will be super sad when my stash is gone!

We are all addicted to tortillas!

You can see here if TortillaLand is sold near you. Stay up today on Facebook & Twitter.

What will you make first with your TortillaLand torillas?


I received TortillaLand for review. My rave review was full of my own opinions.


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