Aquasana Filtered Glass Bottle for On The Go!

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BIG mistake if I leave the house without our water bottle. I won’t tell you about the 5 year old tantrums who is thirsty

What do we do when we are out and our water is gone? My perfectly filtered water is at home. There is now a good answer!

A revolutionary water filtration bottle is changing the way we stay healthy and hydrated.  Aquasana, the leader in water filtration, is offering on-the-go hydration with the best bottle filter on the market.

Aquasana Filtered Glass Bottle

The filter inside the bottle will last for 80 gallons. That is 1 filter = 600 plastic bottles!

Now we can fill out at any source – public water fountain, airport faucet, even a bathroom sink – and know you’re getting the cleanest, most delicious water possible. Or remove the filter and use the glass bottle for holding homemade smoothies, kombucha, fresh-pressed juices, or whatever else you may be drinking.

Aquasana Filter

How do they do it?

At the core of our filter is a woven nano-fiber membrane with an electrostatic charge. In addition, we’ve used a combination of adsorption, mechanical filtration, and ion-exchange to achieve professional grade filtration right at your fingertips.

The filter in this bottle is designed to effectively remove impurities from the water including:

  • BACTERIA like E.coli
  • LEAD from old pipes
  • VIRUSES like influenza
  • CHLORINE a chemical disinfectant
  • CYSTS like giardia

They use high quality borosilicate glass that is eco-friendly and shatterproof. The sleeve features an unconventional weave pattern to provide optimal grip-ability, while also completely protecting the glass bottle from top to bottom. Isn’t it great?!

Aquasana Filter Water Bottle

Aquasana is launching a Kickstarter to fund this project and their are many options for you to help out OR grab your own Aquasana Filter Bottle in the color of your choice. The product is scheduled to be shipped in August of this year and I know that I can’t wait!

What do you think of the Aquasana Filtered Glass Bottle?! 🙂

I partnered with Aquasana for this sponsored post to help their campaign. All opinions are definitely my own.

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