Applegate Pepperoni Natural


Introducing Applegate pepperoni. I am a huge pepperoni lover. Which is really funny to me because I know I didn’t like it as a kid. I like pepperoni so much that I buy it with my meat and cheeses fresh from the deli counter to put on my sandwiches. Even my boys think it is strange if I make paninis for lunch without pepperoni on them.

A few months ago my mom was visiting and I remember the look she gave me when I said I wanted pepperoni pizza. She is not a picky eater, but she explained to me that pepperoni is full of nitrates and she wasn’t eating it. She’s probably right…in most cases.

You know Applegate right? Applegate Natural and Organic Foods. I am a big fan. When I received an email saying they now make mini pepperonis I was super excited! They don’t just make one kind of mini pepperoni either…two kinds!

Applegate Pepperoni

Applegate Pepperoni

Natural Uncured Mini Pork Pepperoni & Natural Uncured Mini Turkey Pepperoni

No Nitrates (look mom!) – No Antibiotics – Gluten & Casein Free

Applegate wanted to make our night fun and we all made our own pizzas! The boys LOVE doing this! There are always many pepperoni smiley faces. đŸ™‚

I don’t know if there were more pepperonis on the pizza or more that we snacked on right out of the bag. Yum!

Applegate Pepperoni

I am so happy that there is a pepperoni that I won’t feel guilty eating. I think the turkey ones are a terrific idea and I will always be grabbing those first. We could not tell a difference in our taste testing! Both with just the right spice.

Pizzas are a norm around here. Thanks Applegate for the delicious new addition to our house!

Applegate Pepperoni

Find Applegate mini pepperonis at Trader Joes, Whole Foods or maybe another store you can check here.

Applegate Pepperoni

WIN an Applegate Pizza Party Kit!

Both varieties of new Applegate Pepperoni Mini
King Arthur Flour Pizza Crust Mix
Tomato Sauce
Applegate Provolone Cheese
Pizza Cutter
Kitchen Towel

I received these items for free for review and all opinions are my own. Links may be affiliate.

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