Apple Crunch Sundae Recipe for Kids

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This Apple Crunch Sundae recipe will be your new favorite family treat. Every morning as we head out the door, whether it is to the pool, go hiking, or just to run errands, I have to make sure my bag is packed with everything I could possibly need. Including kid snacks! This is very important because if I forget I have to either hear whines or I have to spend money buying something to feed their tummies.

What type of snacks do I pick? Ones that are Individual, Prepackaged, and not full of Junk. This way it is easy for me to grab & pack, the boys don’t fight if they each have their own, and I can keep what we don’t eat in the bag since we don’t have opened food. I always looking at ingredients before I buy so everything in my pantry is something I feel good about.

Apple Crunch Sundae Recipe with Horizon Organic Snacks

Horizon Organic is not just about dairy products anymore. They have expanded their line to snacks! At the store this week I picked up…

Apple Clusters – just 4 ingredients that are all organic!

Apple Fruit Crunchers – organic dried apples and nothing else!

Not only are they the perfect size to bring along (and can’t wait to put them in the lunchbox!), but we were able to create a yummy summer dessert for those who ate their dinner.

Apple Crunch Sundae

Apple Crunch Sundae Recipe for Kids

Our Apple Crunch Sundae was easy and fun to make!

Vanilla ice cream {though Cinnamon flavor would be perfect when it is in season!}

Top with Organic Apple Cluster and Apple Fruit Crunchers

Dribble some Sea Salt Caramel without anything artificial

Sprinkle real cinnamon on top and maybe a cherry too!

Apple Crunch Sundae Recipe for Kids

This child ate every.single.bite.

Horizon Organic is all about feeding the imagination with new experiences and new tastings with making food fun. Find their new snacks at a grocery store near you or on Amazon.

Horizon Organic Apple Crunch Sundae Recipe for Kids

Have you tried Horizon Organic Snacks yet? Be sure to make this easy Apple Crunch Sundae!

This conversation is sponsored by Horizon. The opinions and text are all mine. Links may be affiliate.

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