Active Kids Need Healthy Snacks


I don’t know how many times Hubby and I have shared stories about our childhood with our boys. About how we would stay out until the street lights came on, but then beg for more time because we had night games to play in the dark. We spent our days biking miles, building tree forts and swimming laps. My boys now roll their eyes every time we bring up the good ol’ days. Days without laptops and iPods to keep our attention.

CLIF Kid is dedicated to reclaiming play and wants to see all kids outside, running, exploring, going on their next adventure, even if it is right outside the front door. Watch this cute video and see if it brings back all the memories for you too.

Active Kids Need Healthy Snacks

We are fortunate to live in an area that promotes being outside. It’s a short walk from our backyard to get the kids out in nature. Even though we aren’t far from home, I always carry my hiking backpack that contains water and healthy snacks, among a few other things like bandaids and dog treats. If I don’t bring nutritious foods along, their energy level slowly zaps out and the whines will begin.

What healthy snacks will you find in there?

Fruits like bananas and apples. Maybe a juicy peach.

Trail Mix with nuts, raisins, dried fruits and a few chocolate treats.

Jerky. If Hubby is along.

CLIF Kid Bars Love Heart

CLIF Kid ZBars. Almost always. In fact, if you look in my purse, my car stash, and the kids’ school backpacks, you’ll probably find some in there too. I love them because they are made with organic ingredients, have important nutrients for my active kids, and are just the right size to tide them over. They heart them because they are made with flavors they crave – chocolate chip, iced oatmeal cookie, s’mores, and our favorite chocolate mint which is seasonal.

Active Kids Need Healthy Snacks

They make fun of me as I always fall behind in our adventures, but really I’m soaking it all in (and always snapping my photos as we go!). The fresh air, the mountain beauty, the kid games as they go. These trails are their places to play as they watch the cows roam in the pasture, spot the coyote spying on us from on top the hill, see the rabbits race to safety when they spot our dog, and listen to the birds sing their songs to us.

The kids couldn’t do any of it without the healthy foods that fuel them.

Active Kids Need Healthy Snacks

What are your favorite healthy snacks? What adventures do your kids take?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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