A Toyrarium DIY Garden for Kids

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The kids have really been getting into gardening lately. We don’t have a full garden in our yard, so little DIY projects are what we’ve been creating.

Today we had fun making a Toyrarium! Is it an aquarium? No water! Just a DIY garden for kids made with soil, plants and toys. I got the idea from The Gro Project and thought it looked perfect for us. Very simple idea and I used up items I already had at home, except for the plant which I found on clearance at Walmart for $1. Score!

DIY Garden for Kids

Toyrarium DIY Garden for Kids

You will need 6 items:

1. Miracle-Gro Potting Soil

2. Glass container. I found a vase I wasn’t using or a fish bowl would be great!

3. Cactus or other succulent plants

4. Scoop to dig the soil

5. Rocks

6. Plastic toys or figurines. We used mini dinosaurs!

Toyrarium DIY Garden for Kids

O’Bear was the leader of this project. He placed rocks he found in our yard at the bottom of the container. Next he placed the Miracle-Gro soil inside while inserting the cactus plant at the same time. You can try out Miracle Gro’s Shake n’Feed Moisture Control All Propose Plant Food and Moisture Control Potting Mix. Lastly, he placed his dinosaurs inside to roam around. Roar!

He gave it a little water, but really it won’t need much. He’s already talking about the next one he can make. Love it!

 Toyrarium DIY Garden for Kids

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Have fun!

Will your family love to make a Toyrarium, a DIY garden for kids?

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