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A Good ‘Ole Dock

This is one of my favorite pictures. It captures a great moment of the people dearest to me, in a location that will be in my memory forever.

IMG_185 -2

My boys sitting on a good ‘ole dock. Not just any dock though. The dock of my childhood. The dock where I spent hours fishing with my dad and grandfather, where I jumped into a paddleboat to paddle around the pond, where I tied up my ice skates to go skating in the winter.

As you can see it has seen many years and almost looks as though it is falling apart. It could definitely use some teak furniture restoration/deck restoration. If you follow the bridge of the dock back to land, you’ll find a neat wood slated path leading up to a large deck. Follow more stairs and you’ll be led into a room that many of you wish you had. A large screen porch. Complete with ceiling fans, outdoor furniture, and even a tv. You can find my dad snoozing out there on any nice breezy afternoon with a view of the lazy pond and ducks swimming.

I ache for the backyard of my childhood. I hope one day my kids can have the same memories I did and maybe there will even be a good ‘ole dock in them too.

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  • This made me think of my own dock in childhood at my grandparents home on a river. large wooden deck with a covered boat dock where my grandfather's shiny, glittery purple fishing boat. nice giant tree right smack dab in the middle of the dock that had a tire swing handing from it going out over the water. Noone really swam in that water (snakes, alligator gar, probably alligators, etc), but we swung out over it ocassionally falling in. I grew up there and it's one of my favorite places. Sadly, I am sure it's no longer the same since the property was sold after my grandparents passed away. I'll never ever forget it, though!

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