A Beginning Way to Surf with the SurfSkimmer


We love watching the Windsurfers at the beach. I just want to jump out there with them!


The boys have body boards that they use to ‘surf’ the waves. They lay down on them flat and ride the waves. Trying to really surf though? That is like a huge step!

There is now a new product on the market called the SurfSkimmer. It allows the kids to skim the shallow water life a surfboard…but with a handle! It’s pretty neat looking…


It has a Gripper Handle that allows the kids to easily skim the surf. Now, I say easily very loosely. We’ve taken it out twice and by the end of the second trip they were getting it better. It’s like riding a scooter on water! You run with it and then hop on and make sure the handle has that nice angle.


What is neat is that once the rider has become experienced and doesn’t need the handle, it is removable and becomes a basic Skimboard.

We definitely aren’t that far along though! This was a great picture I snapped of C’Man before he….crashed. LOL. We had to learn that we needed the water to be so deep…not very that is. An inch or less.


It’s made for kids and does support up to 150 pounds. Mamas, don’t try it though. This is what will happen. ha! It does look like so much fun that you can’t help but want to jump on yourself.


Check out the new SurfSkimmer. Comes in blue and green.


Until June 30th you can get 20% off and free shipping with promo code:  jerseylove

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What do you think? Are your kids ready to give it a try?


I was sent a SurfSkimmer free for review. All opinions are my own.

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