7 Essential Ways to Find the Hidden Joy in Cleaning

I hate to clean. No, I really do. My parents will tell you that when I was little I was very serious when I said that I would have a maid to come pick up my house and a chef to do all of the cooking. There was a reason I was dubbed ‘the princess’ all the way through college.

Then real life set in.

Work, kids, crazy schedules. Why find time to do something like cleaning when there are so many other things to keep me busy? My goal is to make it fun. Make it like a special project instead of a chore. Here are my 7 Essentials Ways to Find the Hidden Joy in Cleaning.

7 Essential Ways to find the Hidden Joy in Cleaning

1.  Music. Life is better with music, don’t you think? This is the best way for me to get the kids to help too! Our favorite way to listen is to put in a Musical DVD. Grease and Mama Mia are our favorites. We’ll crank it up and sing along as we go! Hubby also bought me a speaker for my phone so while I’m tiding up the kitchen after dinner I can listen to my playlist.

2.  Make your room smelly good. An easy tip that I actually just learned in the past few weeks is to put some drops of essential oil in your vacuum cleaner. I have lavender and it works great! Also, don’t forget the aroma of fresh flowers on the table. The room is pretty then too!

3.  Rearrange. As you’re pulling out the couch to sweep up the dust bunnies, maybe give it a shove across the room. Put the recliner in its place. A new look and arrangement for awhile! Or what about those photos on the wall? Give them a new space, or even better update them with this years pictures.

4.  Be creative. Out with the old and in with the new! Paint, redecorate, and even a little DIY fun by decorating with handmade furniture. Pinterest can be a great inspiration. I found side tables that I want to make from crates you can buy at any craft store. oh, the possibilities!

5.  Enjoy the Outdoors. Sweep up the porch, weed the garden, dust off the wicker chairs. Anything to get outside to enjoy the nice weather. A sunny day with a light wind can make any job a breeze.

6.  Don’t forget the pets. Looking for new pet mats? Pick a pretty color and freshen up your pet area. Add a comfy bed, cute food bowls and a new squeaky toy and your other child will be content….for a few minutes anyway.

7.  Rewards. We all like to reward ourselves for a job well done. Maybe a clean house and a job well done means a Starbucks treat? You know me! 🙂

Sometimes I think my ‘big’ house can be a bit overwhelming, especially with a three year old always at my feet. Remembering these Hidden Joys can sure make the task of cleaning a bit smaller.

What are your ideas to add to the list?



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