7 Beautiful Body Skin Secrets

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While it’s always great to dress up and apply some make-up for a night out, there’s nothing that can make you feel quite as beautiful as having flawless skin. Many of the women who are considered great beauties are those with the best-looking skin, but the same seven secrets that give them that special glow can do the same for you.


Beautiful skin starts on the inside with your food and drink. Studies show, for example, that a low intake of vitamin C prevents efficient production of collagen, which leads to a greater likelihood of developing wrinkles. To combat this, you should eat food that is high in this vitamin every day; oranges, strawberries and red peppers are particularly good.

Sugary foods are not just bad for your teeth and weight, but your skin as well; try to eat them as an occasional treat and eat fruit when you feel the need for something sweet. In addition to making sensible food choices, you should keep yourself well-hydrated; although water is a great way to do this, you can drink herbal teas, caffeine-free drinks and low-sugar juice as well, for variety.


Many of the pressures of life can have a negative effect on your skin, but you can combat them with a little effort. One way to gain a healthy glow is by taking plenty of exercise; even moderate activity gives your skin an additional supply of oxygen, which helps to keep it healthy.

Another important part of health, for skin and in general, is getting plenty of sleep. It’s not called beauty sleep for no reason; your body heals itself and renews cells while you sleep, which prevents your skin from developing a dull appearance and can also reduce the likelihood of blemishes and rashes.

Cleanse and moisturise

A good routine of caring for your skin is vital. Cleansing should include daily gentle washing when you get up and before you go to bed, being sure to remove every trace of make-up to avoid clogged pores, which can cause blackheads, spots and other problems.

Additionally, as part of an efficient cleansing routine, you should exfoliate once or twice a week, which will slough off dead cells, leaving your skin smooth and clear. To keep your skin smooth and clear, however, you should moisturise it regularly and thoroughly; using effective body oil sprays is a really easy and effective way to do this. After showering, you simply spray on the light oil, sealing in the moisture and allowing your skin to reap the benefits of rich moisturiser without clogging up your pores with heavy creams.

A good beauty routine is just that: a routine! Shortly after you started going for it, you won’t even think about it anymore because it will simply be part of your life and you will want to keep to it because you will see the results. If you follow these seven steps to beautiful skin, you’ll soon be dying to show it off to the world.

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