5 Travel Trivia Ideas to Make your Family Think!

We recently took a trip half way across the country. We spent the days beforehand gathering activities for the kids to keep them busy. The one thing I wanted the most of were games that the whole family could play. It makes time go faster and keeps our spirits up as we giggle together.

Hubby loves trivia. When he is driving he likes me to ask him questions to help pass the time. The kids love to join in and when they are at their level it’s even better!

Here were our favorite 5 Trivia games & ideas:

Brain Teasers app on our Kindle Fire – riddles for the whole family! They were challenging, but at the same time on the easier side. This was probably our favorite app on the whole trip and were sad when we went through them all! FREE!

Sports Trivia Boxed Calendar –  after the holiday season last year I bought a Question-A-Day Calendar for Hubby on super clearance that I saved for just these long car rides. 365 sports questions and he was in heaven. It’s scary how fast my older boys are learning their sports tidbits!

Brain Quest for the Car – I picked this up last minute and was so glad I did! All the questions were about our country whether it was people, history, or state trivia. Learning about our land as we traveled across it seemed like the perfect thing to do!

Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader iphone app – this version was made to play with your Facebook friends, but we just play as a family and answer together. FREE!

Trivia Pursuit Cards – we just take the cards out from our board game and bring them along! Hours of fun!


Now, I have a trivia question for YOU!

What should you bring along in the car to help your kids with digestive problems?

The answer: Culturelle Kids

  • Helps reduce occasional digestive upset
  • Supports their natural defenses
  • Provides a solution for digestive discomfort and poor health

My oldest has some stomach issues and it never fails that they occur when we are on a road trip. Not eating as healthy and sitting for long periods of time do not help!

I was thankful for Culturelle Kids to provide ongoing maintenance for him. He can take it in chewable form (best for these car rides!) or in a cold drink or snack in powder form. That way he doesn’t even know he’s taking it!


I’d love to hear what your family does to keep occupied in the car? Are stomach issues a problem?

 I was compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.

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