5 Tips to Winterize the Home

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It is just November and I am already cold all the time. My socks or slippers are always on my feet and I have three layers of blankets on my bed. The house never seems warm enough. Today I’m going to share with you 5 Tips to Winterize that my family will be taking to help make our home more energy efficient and a better place to be as these winter months go by.

5 Tips to Winterize

1. Check windows. The other day I was playing with my blinds and noticed a small breeze coming in. The window was not locked! Secure it tightly to remove those breezes. You may also want to get a free estimate for new windows. We’ve already had two different companies knock on our door to offer this season.

2. Extra insulation and weatherstrips. There is a tiny space in our front door groove where I can see the outside. I need to head out and grab some extra (or better!) stripping to put there.

3. Run fans in reverse. Instead of cold air it will bring warmer air down!

4. Automatic thermostat. I have learned in the multiple houses I’ve lived in that this is a must. I will go out and buy a new good one if it doesn’t do everything I want it. Set the temp lower if you are not home during the day and at night when snug in your beds.

5. Change your Filter in your heating system. The Filtrete Healthy Living Ultimate Allergen Reduction Filter MPR 1900 is effective at capturing 93% of large airborne particles such as dust, pollen and mold spores from the air passing through the filter. It also attracts and captures allergens like pet dander, smoke, household dust and microscopic particles that can carry bacteria and viruses.

Regularly changing your Filtrete Filter may also help your system run more efficiently because a dirty filter can restrict airflow and make the system work harder. Remember to change them at least every three months!

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Have you winterized your home yet this year?

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