5 Must Have Items You’ll Find in my Purse Pocket

I wrote about my experience with Poise Microliner as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. #PoisewithSAM

Hee hee this post is fun. I’m cleaning out my purse which has been weighing me down lately. Toooo much stuff! When I come to my small inside zip pocket, I know I won’t be removing much from this area. These are my must haves. The items that I could need at any given moment. Are you ready to hear what they are?


1. Bandaids. Someone (including myself!) is always needing a bandage, whether it’s from a cut, an insect bite, or just a little ouchie that needs caring.

2. Business Cards. I do keep a few biz cards for my blog, but most of the pile is my Family Cards. They are super cute! I pass them out to new friends so they can get a hold of me easily.

Family Cards

3. Hand Santizer. Not that I don’t trust that my boys wash their hands after using a public restroom…but I make double sure.

4. My Guardian Angel token. Keeps me safe wherever I go.

5. Poise MicrolinerSuper thin and absorbent. Doesn’t take up any space, but there if I need it. Read my review on the Poise Microliner and my post on how LBL is a battle for many women, including myself. It’s a mom thing, right?

#PoisewithSAM microliner

To see (and feel!) a sample for yourself, head over to Poise.com and have a free one sent to you!

 I’m curious to know how your purse zip pockets differ?!

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