20 Ways to Be Green on Valentine’s Day


My mind is always spinning with ideas on how to be more eco-friendly, especially at the holidays where waste seems to accumulate faster. Today I am sharing 20 Ways to Be Green on Valentine’s Day to help give you some ideas for this day of love, whether it is upcycling what you have around the house or buying from sustainable companies. If everyone did just one of these ideas, think of the impact it could have?!

Be Green on Valentine’s Day

20 Ideas & Tips to Be Green on Valentine's Day from gifts to kids.

Romantic Ideas

Cook a candlelight meal of your hunny’s favorite with fresh local produce.

Take a walk to enjoy Mother Nature at sunset.

Drive down memory lane – your first date, where you got married, etc.

Plant a tree and watch it bloom over the years.

Watch a romantic movie and don’t forget the popcorn!


Chocolate – find local and/or Fair Trade like Endangered Species or Equal Exchange.

Buy flowers from OrganicBouquet.com which offers VeriFlora-certified blossoms grown using sustainable techniques.

Or ask for a Potted Plant or Herbs instead.

Find organic wine which is sustainably grown grapes devoid of synthetic chemicals.

Vintage jewerly is beautiful – look on Etsy.

Make DIY scrubs {ex. Orange Zest Sugar Scrub}, candles and massage lotion ahead of time.

Donate to their favorite environmental charity.

Teddy Bear from Bears for Humanity which are 100% organic, plus given away when you purchase.

Gift card for a spa day.

Add a new music playlist to their device with both your favorite songs.


Email an eCards from sites such as Hallmark.com

Make your own with extra scraps and materials you have laying around.

Compose a poem and type it up in your favorite font.

Use an old photograph with a handwritten love note on the back.

Forgo the card and tell them how much you love them face to face.

Do you have any green ideas to add for Valentine’s Day?

Check out my Valentine’s Day Pinterest Board for ideas for everyone!

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