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10 Quirky Uses for Essential Oils

I’m headed into my four month using Young Living Essential Oils and still learning so much daily. I wanted to share with you some fun facts that I call Quirky Uses for essential oils because I never would have imagined there was an oil for that! They truly made my mouth drop when learned about them.

Quirky Uses for Essential Oils

Quirky Uses for Essential Oils

1. Take a Splinter out with Thieves instantly. So excited to tell you about this one. My brother was just visiting and complaining about his toe that has been aching for a few weeks. He couldn’t see it well and thought he probably had a splinter that was cased inside. We applied drops of Thieves and his toe is no longer hurting! Their are testimonies of people saying they can WATCH the splinter wiggle its way out of the skin.

2. Stop Snoring by applying Valor to the bottom of the big toe. Still amazed by this!

3. Did you know you can use oils in food? I’m recommending this for certain Young Living oils ONLY. Add a drop of Peppermint in your hot chocolate or when baking brownies. Yummmmm! Lavendar in your lemonade? Yes! This is just a couple of ideas.

4. Swipe Cypress down your forearm to stop nosebleeds immediately.

5. Craving sugar? Use Dill to reduce that temptation.

6. There is a trio of oils ~Frankincense, Copaiba, Idaho Balsam ~ called the morphine bomb for extreme pain.

7. Frankincense reduces scars and stretch marks! I am testing this out right now.

8. Lemon will remove any sticky residue and even act as a ‘bleach’ in when mixed with water and a bit of hydrogen peroxide. Don’t forget to add to your homemade cleaners too!

9. Need to remove unwanted odors like smoke or bad food? Add a drop of Purification on a cotton ball and put in your vent. It sucks it right up!

10. Want to smile all day? Drop Joy in your diffuser necklace. Try it! 🙂


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  • I used lemon EO when cleaning sticky build up off the top of my microwave in base housing. Took it off effortlessly and made the whole kitchen smell wonderful!
  • I was amazed to hear that Frankinsense reduces scars. I have a couple of them that I;m going to try it on.
  • I'm amazed on a daily basis at the benefits of these oils! I recently calmed my pooch during a thunderstorm with the Peace & Calming blend.
  • Valor for my husbands snoring. Purification for pet odor. And the three called the morphine bomb for my toothaches
  • I've been using essential oils for 13 years now and have quite a few stories of my own at how amazingly these have worked for me and my clients. My favorite combination for massage is basil, thyme and marjoram. Basil is a natural anti-inflammatory, thyme is anti-spasmodic and marjoram is great for joints. Quite the triple threat!
  • I'd like info about oils for weight loss. I'm a devoted Young Living user. Don't know if I can make it to the class. thank you
  • Well my husband snores so yeah it would be interested and his allergies he'll get nosebleeds him and my son.
  • I've been using all sorts of oils for years!! Patchouli is very good for wrinkles and is also antiseptic. I'd love to try to participate in a class, just depends on when it is
  • I need to try the sugar one but I actually VERY much dislike dill... unless it's dill pickles. What about an ingrown toenail? I think I have one...I will have to look that up! :)
  • I would love to try the Dill, Frankencense, and even the Thieves Oil. Drat, I just want to try them all!
  • I'd like to try the Lemon with water and hydrogen peroxide! I can't stand the smell of bleach but sometimes that is the only thing that will clean up the stains in my white porcelain sink! UGH!
  • I would love for your oil to fix my uneven skin. I also have dark circles under my eyes not to mention the crows feet. I would really really like to win this giveaway.
  • I am a big use of DoTerra and Young Living both as they both started here in Utah, in fact, my neighbor is one of the founders of DoTerra. The oil I use most right now is Oregano; I have a low immune system so any sores, scratches etc I get more often than not become infected and require medical care but I find if I put a smear of Oregano on the spot right when I notice it, it helps to deter infection and it helps clear up any abscess I have sooner than if I hadn't used the Oregano
  • I would like to try Vetiver, Lavendar and Cedar wood for ADHD. I heard they work well together.
  • I realllly want to try copaiba for extra allergy and pain relief! I've read that it enhances what oils you are using when you layer it with copaiba! Also, this lip balms look absolutely luxurious!!!
  • I can't do anything on Friday evenings so I can't go to the next chat, though I would love to. Are they always Fridays? I'm quit interested in learning about oils but it's a little overwhelming. My brother-in-law (who lives on the opposite side of the country) uses oils for everything. I'd love to try the dill and the frankincense
  • I am so fascinated with this information. I have wanted to try oils for different things, but I thought they were too expensive.
  • This is the first time hearing about these wonderful oils! I would love to try an oil for my migraines lately. I would also love to try the Frankincense!! I have stretch marks from having kids. :D Lovely giveaway!
  • I'm most interested in trying Lavender for its calming and relaxing properties. That trio of oils for the 'morphine bomb' sounds like a much better alternative to a potentially dangerous amount of otc painkillers!
  • I would love to try the Dill for the craving of sugar. Fighting Candida for awhile now and learning so much :)
  • I am going to try dill oil for sugar cravings, I have been trying to cut sugar almost out but the cravings are terrible.
  • I would love to try the Purification oil to freshen the air in my home. With 4 pets, I need all the help I can get!
  • I would love to try your mix that you call the morphine bomb when I am in pain, that would give me a good idea to how often I would use these oils to fix problems I have.

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