10 Quirky Uses for Essential Oils

I’m headed into my four month using Young Living Essential Oils and still learning so much daily. I wanted to share with you some fun facts that I call Quirky Uses for essential oils because I never would have imagined there was an oil for that! They truly made my mouth drop when learned about them.

Quirky Uses for Essential Oils

Quirky Uses for Essential Oils

1. Take a Splinter out with Thieves instantly. So excited to tell you about this one. My brother was just visiting and complaining about his toe that has been aching for a few weeks. He couldn’t see it well and thought he probably had a splinter that was cased inside. We applied drops of Thieves and his toe is no longer hurting! Their are testimonies of people saying they can WATCH the splinter wiggle its way out of the skin.

2. Stop Snoring by applying Valor to the bottom of the big toe. Still amazed by this!

3. Did you know you can use oils in food? I’m recommending this for certain Young Living oils ONLY. Add a drop of Peppermint in your hot chocolate or when baking brownies. Yummmmm! Lavendar in your lemonade? Yes! This is just a couple of ideas.

4. Swipe Cypress down your forearm to stop nosebleeds immediately.

5. Craving sugar? Use Dill to reduce that temptation.

6. There is a trio of oils ~Frankincense, Copaiba, Idaho Balsam ~ called the morphine bomb for extreme pain.

7. Frankincense reduces scars and stretch marks! I am testing this out right now.

8. Lemon will remove any sticky residue and even act as a ‘bleach’ in when mixed with water and a bit of hydrogen peroxide. Don’t forget to add to your homemade cleaners too!

9. Need to remove unwanted odors like smoke or bad food? Add a drop of Purification on a cotton ball and put in your vent. It sucks it right up!

10. Want to smile all day? Drop Joy in your diffuser necklace. Try it! 🙂


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