1 Minute Scrambled Egg in the Microwave {Egg McMuffin too!}

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The 1 minute scrambled egg in the microwave is an easy solution to hectic mornings. Even a 7 year old can make an egg mcmuffin sandwich for themselves.

My awesome BeachBum follower Trisha introduced this concept to me. I have a child who loves eggs for breakfast, but I won’t let him have them on school days because we are rushed. He likes the frozen sandwiches that you micro, but trying to stay away from processed foods.

one minute scrambled egg in the microwave

How to Make a 1 Minute Scrambled Egg

One Egg

1/2 TBSP milk

Salt & Pepper to taste

Mix together in a mug or bowl {Advice: You can oil your mug first with a little spray but will admit I usually don’t).

Heat in microwave for 1 minute

How We Eat a 1 Minute Scrambled Egg

P’Diddy quickly adds cheese to his when its finished so it melts while hot. He gets out his favorite bottle of hot sauce to sprinkle on top.

O’Bear makes an egg mcmuffin. Or he calls it – The Egg McMugFin – since he makes his egg in a mug. Toast an English muffin and add some cheese. Hubby would say it needs bacon or sausage too.

I’ve used this method by taking leftover fried rice and adding an egg to it for lunch. Or make your scrambled egg for Bagel Egg Pizzas – another family favorite!

The 1 minute scrambled egg in the microwave really has become a staple at our house.

What is your favorite way to eat scrambled eggs?

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