1 Minute Scrambled Egg in a Mug {McMuffin too!}


Actually I think I’m going to call this an Egg Mc-Mug-fin! ha ha!

My awesome BeachBum follower Trisha introduced this concept to me a few months ago…I have a child who loves eggs for breakfast, but I won’t let him have them on school days because we are rushed. He likes the frozen sandwiches that you micro, but trying to stay away from freezer food.

This is a perfect EASY alternative that even a 7yr old can do!

One Organic Egg

Salt & Pepper to taste

Mix together in a Mug {Advise: Oil your mug first with little with some spray}

Place in micro for 30 seconds ~ take out to mix again ~ place back in for another 15 seconds

Scrambled Egg!

Go a step further to create an Egg McMugFin

Toast a English Muffin

Add Scrambled Egg



Now, how easy was that?! 🙂

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