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1 Minute Scrambled Egg in a Mug {McMuffin too!}

Actually I think I’m going to call this an Egg Mc-Mug-fin! ha ha!

My awesome BeachBum follower Trisha introduced this concept to me a few months ago…I have a child who loves eggs for breakfast, but I won’t let him have them on school days because we are rushed. He likes the frozen sandwiches that you micro, but trying to stay away from freezer food.

This is a perfect EASY alternative that even a 7yr old can do!

One Organic Egg

Salt & Pepper to taste

Mix together in a Mug {Advise: Oil your mug first with little with some spray}

Place in micro for 30 seconds ~ take out to mix again ~ place back in for another 15 seconds

Scrambled Egg!

Go a step further to create an Egg McMugFin

Toast a English Muffin

Add Scrambled Egg



Now, how easy was that?! 🙂


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  • Nice job, Courtney. If you have a flatter bottomed mug to use, you will probably get a better shaped patty for your son's McMugFin. =) And yes, I love the name you came up with for the breakfast sandwich.
  • I use cooking oil spray in my mug first, makes it a lot easier to get out. And have you ever tried Cavender's all purpose Greek seasoning? I use it on most anything that you'd use salt and pepper on. I originally was introduced to it as a steak seasoning, as I did not like to put anything on my steak to cover up the taste. Now even my grandsons love using it on everything, even cottage cheese. It really adds great flavor to eggs too. I love keeping up with your blog, very informative.
  • Tis is a great idea!! I love how easy it is for a kid to do... We always made egg mcmommies growing up (and now!)

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