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I don’t know about you, but I need all the help that I can get in the kitchen. Now that I have my new iPad I can easily prop it up on the kitchen counter and to see my recipes. With just a quick glance I can check what I need to prepare my meal and read the instructions up close and clearly.

What if I told you that you could take this one step further? You can watch VIDEOS on how to cook a meal. Videos right at your fingertips on the new Top Chef University To-Go app.

top chef video

The instructions come right from the Top Chef cooks on Bravo’s hit show. Isn’t that exciting? It’s just them and you in the kitchen for a one on one class!

I really have no excuses now. The short lessons range from Basics & Techniques like Into to Knives & All About Herbs to Cooking Techniques and separate categories like Seafood, Pasta, Breads, etc. There are over 200 videos to watch in 20 categories.

I need to start in the Getting Organized and Kitchen Set-up clips. Yes I told you that I could use all the help I could get! I think that is very cool that there are videos for this because having the ‘right’ tools for easy access in your kitchen can really make a difference.

The first instruction I did watch was Working with Onion & Garlic. I learned so much in these seven minutes! I definitely need new knives. ha! One thing I know I don’t do is buy whole garlic. I cheat and buy minced in a jar. No more! I can dice and rub and make my own garlic paste in no time flat.

top chef

These videos are going to make a chef out of me yet!

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Could you use help in the kitchen too?


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