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Red White Blue Fruit Kabobs

Organic fresh fruits! Our fridge is full of them right now since many are in season and they are so hydrating in this hot weather. With Fourth of July upon us, we put together Red White Blue Fruit Kabobs which make a great kid friendly snack this time of year.

But first, let me share with you a service making my life easy – Door to Door Organics. This week I introduced you to PlateJoy, which plans my healthy meals. After I know what I’m making, I have my groceries delivered to me! YES! Door to Door Organics is a weekly (or I do every other week) produce service that brings fresh, organic, local fruits and vegetables to my door.

Door to Door Organics Organic Fruits & Veggies
This week’s order

How Door to Door Organics works:

Select Your Box. You can choose All Organic Fruits or All Organic Veggies or a Mix. Then you pick from 1 of 4 sizes depending on your budget and family.

Customize. Every Friday your selection will be emailed to you. You have days to Sub a fruit/veggie you don’t want. This is where I confer with my meal plan. Do I need spinach, but not carrots this week? I can swap.

Add Groceries. What else do you need? They have a BIG grocery selection and what is great is that it is all natural and/or organic items, plus many local brands. I always grab my meat, which arrives frozen, and it comes from a farm right here in Colorado!

Relax. What will you do with all the time it takes you to go to the store and shop?! It’s coming right to your door!!

Recycle It All. Your box and packing materials are picked up next time by Door to Door Organics for them to reuse.

Prices are very comparable – not like those delivery services that mark everything up a ton.

Door to Door Organics

I am loving all the fresh, organic produce I have at all times. We are making smoothies, fruity desserts, salsas, roasting veggies, mixing up salads and so much more since I’ve added Door to Door Organics delivery. It makes me feel good that I’m feeding my family right.

Our Red White Blue Fruit Kabobs were a hit and we will be bringing them to a Fourth of July picnic to show off. Made with organic bananas, strawberries and blueberries from my delivery. Pineapple and raspberries would be good substitutions too. Get a few bamboo skewers, slice and slide your fruits to make a pattern. We made ours into a flag, but I think it would be cute to alternate all 3 too!

Red White Blue Fruit Kabobs Red White Blue 4th of July Memorial Day Fruit Kabobs

Are you excited to try Door to Door Organics? Make your life easy!

Use code: CRUNCHYBEACH for $10 off your first order.


WIN $50 to Door to Door Organics!

You must be in their delivery area to win – they are now in 15 states! Check here.

I partnered with Door to Door Organics for this post. All opinions my own. .


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