Crunchy Mama

I am not a Perfectly Crunchy Mama

My family doesn’t take meds, visit M.Ds, or vax.

Almost never.

I believe ALL babies should be cloth diapered at home.

It’s easy, cute, & saves the earth.

I think little ones need to be breastfed even though it’s hard hard hard.

Yes, Yes, Yes!


The other day I got criticized for my 1 Minute Scrambled Egg because I cook in a microwave.

I got in trouble for taking my family to the circus to see animals perform tricks.

I will chat about unhealthy chocolate every chance I get because I’m addicted.


This blog is not about a Perfectly Crunchy Mama…just little ole Me.

PS. I have friends who take daily meds, don’t cloth diaper or breastfeed, but eat a lot more healthy than I do. We all balance each other out, don’t you agree?



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  • I'm striving for a healthier, more fit, and more green lifestyle. I don't have it down and I am still a large woman with a lot of weight to lose. What's important is the effort, not what I have or haven't accomplished. I believe the same applies to anyone. Much as we try to be perfect about a certain ideal, lifestyle, habit, choice, etc we just can't. Sometimes convenience or a special chocolate craving trumps our beliefs. It's normal. We're human. Keep on being you and tell the haters to stick a pineapple somewhere. LOL Stopping by from SITS!
  • I've learned that perfect motherhood is just a myth. My mom did bunches of good things for me, but she also let me eat chocolate, which a lot of people would criticise her for. I don't. I have a happy life, and I'm not overprotected like some of my friends. Your kids will love you as you are (although sometimes it might not feel that way). Visiting via SITS Sharefest :)