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I just posted this morning on the importance of UV protection for your eyes. I probably don’t have to tell you that it is important on your skin too!

We will later chat about UV clothing that works great, but that is not always an option and doesn’t always cover the whole body. I usually keep a container of sunscreen in my bag for those outings where I know we will be out in the sun for a long period of time. I definitely make sure that the bottle is chemical-free.

This year I’ll be sporting Goddess Garden All Natural Sunscreen. It has the highest certified organic content available. It is reef-safe (protect our ocean!) and biodegradable. Also, gluten-free, cruelty free, vegan & non-GMO but please don’t eat it! Made in the USA which is what we like to see.

A neat fact that made me research more is that Goddess Garden does not absorb into the skin. How can that be I thought?

Goddess Garden does not use nano-particles since all of the minerals we use in our Sunscreens are larger than 100 nm (nanometers). EWG “reviewed 16 peer-reviewed studies on skin absorption, nearly all showing no absorption of small-scale zinc and titanium sunscreen ingredients through healthy skin.”

All Goddess Garden sunscreens are rated 1 or 2 by the EWG which is recommended.


Our family is using the Organic Continuous Spray bottle in Body and Kid formulas. I loooooove spray. While I do still have to get my hands lotion-y from spreading around the lotion/mist after it comes out, it is a much faster and easier application.

I felt good knowing that my children were getting protected by UVA/UVB rays by one of the most natural sunscreens on the market. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Do you know what’s in your sunscreen?

Visit Goddess Garden to view your summer options.

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WIN a Goddess Garden Sunscreen of choice! (RV $21.99)

Choose from Body, Kids, Baby

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  • Wow, I didn't know your eyes could burn! I have really sensitive eyes and always wear sunglasses, even in the rain and on overcast the comments from people asking me "where is the sunshine!"
  • I turn into a lobster very quickly without sunscreen, my grandfather has been battling recurring melanoma so I am very serious about sun protection and do my best to spread the word about doing everything we can to safely and effectively prevent sun damage!
  • I'd like to try something more natural than the usual sunscreen. & now that my husband & I are getting older, we have to be more disciplined w/ applying sunscreen
  • sometimes people don't realize how important it is to keep their chest protected, but more people get sun poison from burning their chest than anywhere else