5 Must Have Items You’ll Find in my Purse Pocket

I wrote about my experience with Poise Microliner as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. #PoisewithSAM

Hee hee this post is fun. I’m cleaning out my purse which has been weighing me down lately. Toooo much stuff! When I come to my small inside zip pocket, I know I won’t be removing much from this area. These are my must haves. The items that I could need at any given moment. Are you ready to hear what they are?


1. Bandaids. Someone (including myself!) is always needing a bandage, whether it’s from a cut, an insect bite, or just a little ouchie that needs caring.

2. Business Cards. I do keep a few biz cards for my blog, but most of the pile is my Family Cards. They are super cute! I pass them out to new friends so they can get a hold of me easily.

Family Cards

3. Hand Santizer. Not that I don’t trust that my boys wash their hands after using a public restroom…but I make double sure.

4. My Guardian Angel token. Keeps me safe wherever I go.

5. Poise MicrolinerSuper thin and absorbent. Doesn’t take up any space, but there if I need it. Read my review on the Poise Microliner and my post on how LBL is a battle for many women, including myself. It’s a mom thing, right?

#PoisewithSAM microliner

To see (and feel!) a sample for yourself, head over to Poise.com and have a free one sent to you!

 I’m curious to know how your purse zip pockets differ?!

Made for Women #PoisewithSAM

I wrote about my experience with Poise Microliner as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. #PoisewithSAM

Last month I chatted about the very personal message LBL. Hopefully many of you moms can relate to the issue, even if you weren’t comfortable commenting. I understand that! There are different triggers for each of us and it is all very personal, but have you ever wondered ~ Does this happen to other people too?

Today I want to share with you #PoisewithSAM – Poise microliners with Super Absorbent Material. I believe that they had active women in mind when they were at their drawing boards designing this pad.

Did you even know there was such thing as a microliner? I didn’t! It is designed just for LBL (light bladder leakage) and is incredibly thin. In fact, I would call it paper thin! I don’t think I’ve ever felt anything like this before. 54 liners fit into this little box. Don’t let the size fool you though. It has great absortion power and neutralizes odor also.

  • Each liner is individually wrapped to easily carry in your purse.
  • With absorb-loc core to quickly lock away wetness. Our days are busy and we don’t want to worry about this.
  • Thin-flex design moves with your body because I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to feel anything!


Whether I’m going on a long walk, practicing my Yoga moves or Hubby has talked me into going to Crossfit with him that day, I need something that is going to stay in place and do its job without me even knowing it is there. Are you with me?

Poise makes our embarassing issues a little easier. We can be assured that our secrets stay secrets.


To see (and feel!) a sample for yourself, head over to Poise.com and have a free one sent to you!

Are you ready to try out #PoisewithSAM?! :)

Raw Elements Eco-Safe Sunscreen ~ 5 Winners!

I get this question all the time – What safe sunscreen do I use and is it safe for the kids too?

I’m excited to introduce you to Raw Elements today and the wealth of information they have on their website to educate you, not only on why their sunscreen is the best, but about sun and skin care in general. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to click through and read it. I know you will be intrigued!

RAW ELEMENTS is the first and only sunscreen company whose entire line is Non-GMO Project Certified.

All formulas are natural / organic and – unlike the majority of sunscreens on the market – contain NO chemicals, toxins, titanium, aluminum, nano-particles, dimethicone, alcohol, petrochemicals, phthalates, octinoxate, oxybenzone, parabens, hormone disruptors, preservatives, fragrances….

How cool is that?! You can’t get any better I don’t think!

Raw Elements Sunscreen

They have three products in their line.

Eco Formula 30+ Lotion. This formula boasts balanced Physical UV protection through our unique Organic Eco-Shield Performance Technology. As a performance driven sunscreen, it is very water resistant beyond 80 minutes, yet so gentle and moisturizing it is perfect for our young ones!

Eco Stick 30+. Can be applied UNDER WATER! Has an awesome easy applicator, it can be worn heavy and opaque, or rubbed completely into skin. I looooooooove stick lotions! You don’t have to touch anything and the kids can help themselves too!

Eco Tint Stick 30+. Specifically designed to provide skin color application, suitable for all skin types and tones. Have you ever heard of such a thing! SO cool…no more white faces!


Read the ingredients – Active Ingredient: Zinc Oxide
Natural Ingredients: Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Green Tea, Organic Black Tea, Organic Coffee, Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Organic Cocoa Butter, All Natural Mango Butter, Organic Beeswax, All Natural Rosemary Oil Extract, All Natural Vitamin E ***All Ingredients Marked Organic Are USDA Certified Organic.

Again, I encourage you to check out RawElementsUSA.com and read why they are a top sunscreen choice from the EWG.

You wont’t be disappointed!

Raw Elements Sunscreen

WIN a Raw Elements Eco-Safe Sunscreen of choice!

5 Winners!

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