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Zuvo Water Filtration System

I love drinking water! That is, clean, good tasting water. We’ve had a Brita filter for years. And everyday – multiple times a day – I have to refill it. Having a water system hooked up to our sink was a dream for us because we wanted a “good” one if were going to splurge to buy one. As you probably understand, I was more than excited when Zuvo water wanted me to review their system!


Here is some great info that Zuvo wants me to share with you:

With all the concern about unsafe chemicals in our tap water, Moms are concerned about finding solutions to this important problem; especially when it comes to making formula, for cooking and hydrating ourselves and our kids.

What’s the solution?

The new Zuvo Water Filtration System delivers cleaner and healthier water direct from your tap that leaves no carbon footprint. It’s all recyclable too. The Zuvo is telegenic and amazing to watch, you see your tap water bubbling in a blue UV light and getting cleaner before your eyes.

Now just in time for the holidays Zuvo Water is introducing its new Zuvo 150 Water Filtration System. Priced at less than $150 a fraction of other automated water filtration systems this is the low-cost high-volume easy to install home water filtration system that everyone has been waiting for! It’s elegantly designed, high tech and easy to use.

Trust Your Tap Again

Tap water safety is a number one concern for our health and fitness. This year, the President’s Anti-Cancer Panel specifically recommended home water filtration for tap water. The Zuvo Water Filtration System makes tap water safer and more delicious for the whole family to drink… and, unlike pitcher water systems, offers UNLIMITED fresh water!

Now the entire family can enjoy all the clean fresh water they want all year round.

What It Does

Zuvo’s UV/Ozone filtration system reproduces nature’s photo-oxidation cleansing process, filtering impurities and reduces microorganisms, while preserving your water’s natural and healthy mineral content and adding fresh oxygen, giving it a delicious taste.  That makes users choose Zuvo over ordinary tap or bottled water every time!

About Zuvo 150 Water Filtration System

Easily installed above counter to a standard (threaded) faucet or under-counter connected directly to a Zuvo Beverage Faucet

Uses 8w UV bulb; requires less energy than a toaster

½ gallon-per-minute flow rate

Filter life of 400 gallons

Retails at $149.99

Hubby easily hooked ours up. We rent so ours had to stay on top the counter (something about screws and holes, Hubby tried to explain to me, if it was to go underneath) which ended up being okay because now we get to watch it work! The Zuvo turns a bright blue as it filters the water to the faucet.

So here it is by itself…

And here it is when you easily pull the switch at the faucet..


Cool huh?! I love how easy it is for the kids to use. They love it too!

I was amazed by this picture…this was what I was using before…


I knew I was doing my part in helping the environment by not using plastic bottles but FILTERS? It didn’t even cross my mind.
So the bottom line is…you need a Zuvo too!!

WIN a Zuvo Water Filitration System!
$150 Value!
Zuvo Water sent me a water filtration system for this review but I was not compensated in any way for the post and all opinions are my own. 


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