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You Don’t Need to Run to the Doctor’s Office First

When I was a new mom I ran to the doctor’s office for every little thing. An earache in the middle of the night? Emergency room we went! I was not going to see my child in pain.

Did you know that most ear infections will fix themselves? No antibiotics are needed at all? Actually the statistics* show 80% of children are not in need of medicine.

My middle child O’Bear is the one who gets earaches the most. It seems that every time he has a cold, he wakes in the night with pain and wants immediate relief of course! I’ve counted on my Facebook followers to help me with natural remedy ideas. Homeopathy can really make things a lot simpler!

Breastmilk if you are so lucky to have some.

Warm olive oil with garlic ~ a few drops is what we usually do.

A warm wet washcloth or flaxseed pillow helps him tremendously to be able to lay quietly and try and sleep again.

Chiropractic adjustments.

There are many more options including herbs and things, but nothing else I haven’t personally done.


One product I am super anxious to try (though I don’t wish another earache to occur) is Hyland’s Earache Drops.

Safe. All natural. Homeopathic.

They have been clinically shown to reduce earache symptoms during the first 48 hours of the episode.

Swimmer’s ear is another example it should work wonders for.

The best part? They are made in the U.S.A and are EASY to find! Drugstores, Target ($1 coupon), etc.


Another reason I know people run to the doctor for is allergies. Now I have no experience with allergies. I’ve never suffered from them and either have my kids. With that said, I don’t like seeing commercials for allergy medicines, especially for children. Yuck.

First, I’d love for you to try Hyland’s Allergy Relief 4 Kids (they have adult too!)

Non drowsy. All natural. Gentle, safe & effective.

Relieves kids common allergy symptoms including watery eyes, runny nose, stuffy nose, sneezing, itchy eyes/nose/roof of mouth, pressure in the nose and cheeks, ear fullness / popping, dark circles under the eyes and hives.


Lastly, I want to share with you one Hyland’s product that we have already been using daily for a couple of weeks now is the Bug Bite Ointment.

Living on the southern coast we have these awful bugs called marsh gnats that like to eat at us. They are awful and make you not want to go outdoors in the spring. We had ballgames every night of the week. So yes, we have many bites. You should have heard my boys shout hooray when they saw Bug Bite Ointment arrive at our door!

The ointment relies on honeybee venom and plant extracts, including calendula and Echinacea, to relieve pain and swelling and heal the skin.

It comes in a balm which I love love. Easy to apply without your fingers getting greasy. We can’t live without ours!


Remember, Hyland’s products are found everywhere ~ next time instead of calling the doctor or buying a prescription medicine, grab a homeopathy remedy at your local store and give it a try FIRST!

Hyland’s was so kind to send me more samples then I need so I’m going to share with you!

1 Winner for Earache Drops

1 Winner for Allergy Relief 4 Kids


To Enter: Please leave a comment below about this post, natural remedies, Hylands, whatever is on your mind.

Remember to tell me which product you’d like to Win!


Good Luck!
I received Hyland’s products for my review and was not compensated in any way and all opinions are my own. This giveaway will end on May 28, 2012 at midnight EST. Winners will be drawn via wp plug-in. Once a winner is drawn I will contact them by email and they will have 48 hours to reply by email before I draw a new winner. Giveaway is open to anyone in the US/Canada and you must be 18 years of age or older. Winner will be posted below.

*Harvard Medical School Study

Winners ~ Susan J.R. & Jodi B.


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  • I use Aloe Vera leaves on minor burns and scrapes when that is the case. It moisturizes and soothes the pain out naturally. We were so blessed this year with about 10 new plants from one of our friends,because she knows I swear by them.
  • My daughter has a runny nose right now. I wish we had some of the allergy relief handy. Thanks
  • I'd like to win the 1 Winner for Allergy Relief 4 Kids. I am curious to see if it really works.
  • I am a huge fan of natural remedies. The mother of my godmother knew a lot about herbs and the ailments they can be used for
  • I'd like to win the allergy relief. There've been a couple times I've considered giving my son benedryl, but it's just so harsh... We use Hyland's products for so many things! I love that they've got the cold medicine. And we're HUGE fans of their teething tablets! :-D
  • I have used Hylands cough syrup in the past and really liked it. I'd love to try the Allergy relief!
  • We love the hyland products! We used the teething tablets with both kids and the earache drops on Mr. Boo and myself. They aren't just great for kids but for adults as well. I would love to win the ear drops. Thanks!
  • I didn't know Hyland's made earache drops. I'd be interested in trying both of these products.
  • I just took my toddler to the doctor's this afternoon because he's had a cough, off and on, for a month! The doctor confirmed my suspicion that he likely has allergies. I'd love to try the allergy treatment if I win - thank you!
  • I would be interested in trying the bug bite ointment. This could really help with the mosquitos.
  • I have heard great things about hylands and would be interested in both products. We live in Louisville and allergies are the worst here. i have always been curious about drops for the ears too.
  • Thank you for these handy remedies, I will definately pass this info along to my daughter-in-law, to help in such instances with my little grandson. I would love to win the Allergy Relief for Kids.
  • I would be interested in the earache relief for my great-great g/daughter. am always trying to educate family and friends that less doctor 'stuff' is better. :)
  • My little one is battling another ear infection and I am treating with the garlic olive oil. I read somewhere yesterday another method is eucalyptus oil diluted in coconut oil; I might give that a shot.
  • I have never tried Hyland's products! I'd love to try that bug bite ointment!
  • I like Hylands - and any natural remedy I can find. I have used garlic drops for ear aches. Seemed to work really well. Otherwise, humidifier and fluids for various cold related stuff. Fortunately we do not get sick much in this family so I haven't had to really break out remedies, but I try to stay prepared!
  • Hmm...never heard of warm olive oil and garlic for an earache. I will have to remember that one. Thanks! i’d like to win the Allergy Relief 4 Kids
  • I would love to try the earache drops! We don't usually use homeopathic remedies (They don't usually work for my sinus infections!). I did try the Zarbee's this winter when dd was coughing and it helped and it was all natural so maybe there's something to these homeopathics remedies after all! :-)
  • My son gets the worst ear infections and it's so frustrating because he's only five months old. Baby medicine is expensive for middle wage parents. So winning this giveaway would be very helpful. I would like either product. If I HAD to choose though I would choose the Ear Drops.
  • I love using natural remedies as often as possible, all of the chemicals we use these days scare me !!
  • Welove Hylands!! the teething tablets and arnica montana bumps & bruises are a must have. Would love to try the Allergy releif
  • I would love to try their Allergy Relief for my daughter! She has not been doing so well this allergy season :/ ngiraldi at gmail dot com
  • I am a fan of Hylands products! They have helped us with teething, coughs, and earaches. We currently use the earache drops and I can't imagine our life without them! I'd love to try and use the allergy relief remedy. My little guy has had a runny nose since April! Thankfully it hasn't developed into anything more. :)
  • how much needless medicine are we giving our kids .80% of the time they don't need it wow-i'd like the earache drops
  • I like natural products that won't complicate and create other problems, I would like the Allergy Relief 4 Kids. Thank you!
  • i like the hylands teething tablets , would be up to trying their other products
  • I'd love to have the earache drops. We definitely try our best to use home remedies. We don't want our son pumped full of unnecessary antibiotics. Even with that goal, it's tough when your kid is sick and everyone is asking if he's been to the doctor.
  • I could use a natural remedy for my daughter's allergies! Thanks for the giveaway!
  • I want to try them all. I have a daughter who is 13 days old and I hate the communication barrier between adults and babies!
  • I've always wanted to try Hylands! I would love to have the allergies one.
  • I love natural remedies! thanks I would like to try the allergy med
  • Their products sound great! I want to try the Earache Drops tdlsfm(at)yahoo(dot)com
  • I feel so much better about giving my son a natural remedy first, before trying something harsher. For example, the Hylands teething tablets have always worked wonders for him. I would love to try the earache drops for when he gets an earache, especially since I'd rather not give him antibiotics for something that will clear up on its own
  • I would love the teething tablets! My baby boy is 3 and a half months and already about to cut his first tooth! Scary haha I love homeopathic remedies, I've only ever given him one unnatural thing which was gas drops but we were desperate!
  • I loved their teething tablets with my adopted son. While I haven't tried any of their other products I have tried a homeopathic remedy by another maker for earache relief and for me it really did work great I would always use this before even considering calling a doctor more than 90% of the time I didn't need to see the doctor after 1-2 treatments they pain either went away completely and didn't come back or was almost gone and went away with in 24 hours. Thanks for this giveaway [email protected]
  • This is great and Id love The Earache Drops!! ptavernie at yahoo dot com
  • I heard great things about Hyland's products. I would definitely love to give Hyland's a try. I would like to win the Allergy Relief 4 Kids.
  • I would like the allergy relief. I have never tried anything natural like this before. I'd like to give it a shot.
  • Would love to have for my grandson to try.....we have tried so many things and they usually make him tired and sleepy. He is having a terrible time with allergies! Thanks! kpintn/at/hotmail(dot)com

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