Cloth Diaper

Which Cloth Diaper for Me?

I’m in need of a new diaper or two. I’m doing laundry to much! Help me decide what to get since I can’t seem to WIN one from any of you bloggers 🙂

Currently, BumGenius takes over my stash – Pockets & AIOs. Their organic cotton AIO is probably my favorite diaper but it’s not a leave-on-forever-especially-nights diaper. And I only have one.

Or my Doodle Dypes from Hyena Cart are FANTASTIC and Sandy’s the best! Go look at all her Halloween Dypes for tonight’s stocking…are you drooling…I am
I’ve gotten lazy and hate stuffing pockets. I’m thinking of going the Hybrid route. There are soooo many different kinds these days. But I have to have CUTE. Suggestions? I’ve been eyeing the WeeHuggers…
Or the SoftBums or Nicki’s Best Bottoms (but she does not have cheap shipping)
What do YOU think? What do you LIKE best? Or tell me some more crafty MAMAs who make great diapers?


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  • Well... for fast & easy I like the Flip Diaper system or the BumEssentials. But for overnight... I have been using Bum Genius, and FuzziBunz. I am also currently trying out Thirsties... :) There are SO many that I want to try though!!
  • Before I even saw it was one of your choices, I was going to say... Softbums, Softbums, Softbums! I won one from Biehl Adventures, I would have never shelled out $37 for a diaper, but now I will in a heartbeat! It's like you're getting 3 diapers in one purchase and amazingly the cover doesn't get wet every time, even though it's not a strictly PUL cover. And my daughter can wear it quite awhile before she's very wet. I LOVE this diaper and I love the sizing AND the fit. It's much trimmer than her BG's. And I promise Softbums didn't pay me to say this! Haha. ;)
  • Julie - Flips are not cute enough for me. I don't know BumEssentials.Lindsey - thanks for the comment! It go at the top of the list!Mama B - I will! :)
  • i love knickernappies theyre trim and really absorbent (i have a super soaker here!) at night i use RaRs. i bought a few goodmama Ones, because theyre so freaking cute but I personally woudlnt recommend them... I wasnt impressed.
  • For night... FB w/ a hemp insert + either a PF or microinsertFor easy; can't beat a fitted & cover! So many great WAHM fitteds; also Kissaluvs are great. I love my Thirsties covers (love the gussets!) But I am starting to fall in love with my brand new GEN-Y cover!
  • ditto Mama K!For daytime I love Thirsties covers (cuteness and - gotta have the gussets) with Kissaluvs fitteds or contours or GMD workhorse fitteds. So many of the other fitteds I find too bulky despite their cuteness (we rarely go coverless though).For nighttime it's double stuffed pockets. REALLY wanting to try AppleCheeks, but we use FuzziBunz OS and Kawaii OS for now. Tried Happy Heiny, but not a good fit on DD.I've gone away from AIOs and velcro for laundering reasons.
  • Thanks gals! Lovin' the comments - if only there was an easy way to reply back to you through emails (which I don't know unless it's in your profile) or everyone keeping track on here. Blogger make it easier for us!Jenelle - I just saw a Knippernappie for the first time the other day. They seem like a BG or FB?Mama K- love my Thiristes cover too (while the diapers I grew out of love with) and want to get a Gen-Y!Keri - I'm not much of a fitted girl but I could become one. I've heard a lot of good things about Applecheeks but they seem to girly looking for me.
  • I'm impressed that there are so many cloth choices to choose from. Personally we go the fitteds and covers at our house. Our favorite fitted is Kissaluvs...but I couldn't bring myself to shell out $13 a diaper! So, I took one apart and made my own version, which I LOVE even more :) They're not cute, the thread doesn't even match, and many of them are black!! But their diapers, she pees and poops in them, right? Now covers...that's a different story! Those HAVE to be cute!! Haha! Good luck!

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