When Sponsors Appreciate Me…

…it makes me feel good. Blogging is hard work. When people ask what I do for a living I tell them and add ‘oh and I have a full time job as a blogger that I don’t get paid for’ with a smile on my face. Am I complaining? No! I love blogging. One day I want to answer their question with just four words ‘I Am a Blogger.’ It means my job IS my blog and it will support me. Some day!

To me a simple Thank You goes a looooong way when I send that email off to my newest sponsor showing them their post. I love it when they take the time to read it and comment back. I know they have knowledged me in their busy work day and what I’m doing to help promote them.

It is very frustrating to never hear from a sponsor again. Did they like my post? Will my winner get her prize? Do they even CARE?

…I appreciate them back. When I need a specific item or a gift I want to buy, the sponsors who have supported me are the first on my list! I love buying from their shops or visiting their new products online. I also try to keep track of their sales & promotions on Facebook and help out with shout-outs. Very fun for me!

It is crazy the amount of times I write a letter to a new sponsor I think might be a good fit for my blog and I don’t even get a small ‘No thank you’ answer. That is not customer service to me. And I will remember.

…I say Thank You VERY Much! For a lot of things…for trusting me to do a good job, for sending me your precious items, for letting me show you off!

Caboose Cloth on Etsy is my friend and while I’ve done a couple of reviews for her I don’t think she needs to send me new product each time. But she does because she wants me to know that she appreciates ME.

A Slice of Delight sent me new slices of handmade soap after her giveaway as a Thank You. Did she need to? No way, but she told me over and over what a good job I was doing promoting her throughout the event.

Cottonfield, an organic clothing and lingerie company, who never had done blog marketing before was so impressed by how it all worked and the attention I gave to her in that time, sent me organic pillowcases as another thank you. They are soooo soft and I love laying down my sleepy head on them each night.

And many others with their kind words…

I feel loved.

THANK YOU to ALL my Wonderful Sponsors. I TOTALLY Appreciate You!!

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