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What does your Errand Day look like? #TrySnapshot

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I credit myself as a good driver. Yes I was in an accident last year that I don’t like to mention, but besides that I drive well. I go the speed limit, I take my time, I am courteous with my waves, and I even practice hypermiling to save on gas.

I couldn’t wait to get Progressive’s Snapshot in my car! How much could I save? This little device was going to tell me.

There are a couple of days a week that I feel like I live in my car. I make it a point to cram everything in so that I don’t have to go out every day and save in mileage and gas.


Here is a typical errand day for us…

A friend and I are meeting half way between our homes one day a week to go walk. We feel blessed that this is our view as we stroll the kids along. A great way to start the morning!

When we are on that end of town we have to go to Trader Joes. It has become my favorite place to buy groceries. The chocolate covered sunflower seeds are a must in our house for potty training these days.

Then we’ll swing by the library to pick up and/or drop off books. Read anything good lately?

Saw this on the way and had to stop and take a pic…what a great sign.

A stop at Old Navy to browse the clearance racks. Between petting the dog statue, trying on hats, and bouncing all the balls, P’Diddy is never bored here. Yes he runs a little wild…

Sometimes we’ll head to Chick-fli-a to have lunch with friends. Chicken and playgrounds always go over well!

Back home for nap, but just a small rest before the big boys come home. Homework, then it is off to soccer.

oh, I need some fresh deli meat for sandwiches tomorrow. Quick stop at the grocery on the way home.


I’m a little over half way through my Snapshot 30 day trial. Here is my grade so far! Woot!


Stay tuned to see how I’m doing in a week or two. There will also be a Giveaway for some Flo swag! 🙂

 What does your Errand Day look like?


I received a 30 day trial and gift card for being a part of the Progressive Snapshot Blogger Program.

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