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I am so excited to officially launch my blog today! My journey began many weeks ago when I checked out a copy of WordPress For Dummies at the library. Boy did I study it. I am NOT technical and many headaches came my way. I was spending hours at the computer and getting nowhere. My husband just laughed at me and didn’t understand why I couldn’t just jump in. Well, to make a long story short, here I am at Blogspot and loving the ease of it! And mostly I’ve been jumping in! Well, with a little help along the way… 🙂

Please read the About Me so you can get to know me a little. This blog will be about my family because they are fun to write about, how to live more naturally (with my 3rd child I’m breastfeeding, babywearing, cloth diapering, & all that good stuff) as a parent but also as a person trying to simplify, live healthier, & taking care of our environment in the eco-friendly way. I’ll be focusing on my Favorite Things page where I’ll happily promote handmade items, wahm sites, deals, and anything I personally use and love. On my Giveaways Page I hope to give away these items to help promote myself and those mamas! And, if you have a giveaway I’d be happy to list it on there. So spread the word 🙂

To start things off and have a little fun I’d like to give away a pair of BabyLegs! These leg warmers are something I have recently been introduced to and I have to say I love them! As the name implies you’d think they were just for the little ones but my six year old thinks it’s so cool to wear them on his arms. My favorite use for them are at nights when baby just wears a diaper & t-shirt to bed, we add these for a little extra warmth, and when he gets changed in the night we don’t have to worry about messing around with pants. Also, he is practicing his crawling and will one day soon be on the move and what a great way to protect those little knees! Here are my guys showing off their ‘Legs…
And if you didn’t know, this company was started by a wahm. Look how far she has come!
Check out their Facebook page because they are always posting good deals and you can see a sneak preview of their Fall lineup which will be premiering in August. I emailed them to find out what other great announcements I could share with you but I’m low on the totem pole and didn’t hear back…sniff sniff…:)
Now what you’ve all been waiting for…BabyLegs Giveaway…I’m personally giving away a new pair of my own so I don’t represent the company in any way. Please enter to win a pair of Supersoft leg warmers in the Americana color. Take note that the regular pairs are 33cm but the Supersoft ones (and they are soooooooooooooo soft) are 40cm, so a little bit longer and don’t fit as nice on the tiny ones. O’Bear is wearing the Flame pair above and they fit all the way up his arm.
To enter comment below what you think of my new blog and any tips/advice you have would be greatly appreciated 🙂
Thank you so much for helping me launch my blog!


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