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I think I’ve shown you a picture of our library before, but when I searched the blog I couldn’t find it. I will have to locate it and post it one day soon. I’m very proud of this multi-purpose room that is our Guest Room, Craft Room, and most used as our Library!

We have 4 bookshelves that house our children books. They are divided into preschool, chapter, non-fiction, etc, but also ‘good’ books that plan to have around for a long time. My Barefoot Books sit on this shelf!

One of our most read books is a Barefoot Book called A Dragon on the Doorstep. P’Diddy wants to read this all.the.time. “Watch out or they’ll catch you!” it reads as he runs away giggling.

I was excited to get a few new ones for him and his brothers!

Who’s in the Farmyard? Large board book for ages 1-4. $14.99

Head down to the farm and spot frisky goats bleating in the garden, little lambs baaing in the fields and many other animals and their babies being woken up by the rooster’s crow. This is the third book in a popular series, joining Who’s in the Garden? and Who’s in the Forest?

He is now reading this book to me! With fun peek holes on every page for him to tell me what comes next. Cockle-A- Dooodle Doooo he crows over and over. I love love the colors and patterns used in the illustrations. So pretty!

Never Trust a Tiger ~ A Story from Korea

As a merchant makes his way to the market, he comes across a beautiful tiger that has fallen down a hole. The merchant is kind enough to help the tiger out of the hole, but once he does, the tiger wants to eat him! The merchant doesn’t think this is fair . . . but who is right and how can the merchant get away unscathed?

The Tortoise’s GiftA Story from Zambia

One hot, dry summer in Zambia, the rain stops falling. Soon, the animals are very hungry and thirsty. How can they recover? They have heard of a wonderful tree that can produce fruit, but it will only do so if it is asked by name—and no one can remember what it is called! The animals agree to send a messenger to the wise mountain to find out the name of the tree and bring it back. One by one, the animals set out, but remembering the name is not as easy as they had imagined . . .

Both books are part of the Animal Stories series for children ages 6 and up. $7.99 each.

Again the illustrations are great! They are short chapter books that are perfect for the kids to read out loud or by themselves. O’Bear does not have a great attention span when it comes to reading and still enjoys books with pictures though he should be moving on from those…but these have both and I approve. They even have an attached bookmark in the front flap!

The stories are not common and a bit silly. The Tortoise Gift ends on a great message and Never Trust a Tiger just made us laugh. Of course you should never trust a tiger!

Robin Hood for ages 10 and up. $12.99 for paperback. Also available in hardcover.

The champion of the destitute and downtrodden rides again. Meet young Robin Hood before he becomes the hero of Sherwood Forest, and follow along with his band of merry men as his adventures become the stuff of legend. This lavishly illustrated picture book makes a wonderful gift title to complement Arthur of Albion and The Arabian Nights, and features nine tales including: “Robin Becomes an Outlaw,” “Robin Meets Little John,” “Robin and the Widow,” and “Robin’s Last Battle.”

C’Man has been asking for this book and he immediately read it in a day. Any child who loves reading about adventure will enjoy the Robin Hood stories. The pictures are fabulous and make it easy to imagine just what the characters are going through. A wonderful book to add to any collection!

 Check out BarefootBooks.com! When you click on a book you can also see the inside!

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