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Today I am SUPER excited to share Tooth Soap with you!! I am in love with my new teeth cleaner! It is soooo cool! It is magic!

Let me calm down a little and tell you about my new find.

I know it is hard to believe that the oral care you are using now is probably not the best. Every toothpaste you will find at the regular stores contain all of these ingredients below, but they are bad! Yes fluoride is BAD!

Tooth Soap does NOT use SLS, added glycerin, stabilizers, preservatives, silicates, fluoride or other materials than can damage teeth. We do not use any chemical sweeteners (such as xylitol).

Tooth Soap


Tooth Soap

I didn’t know what to expect when I received my products, but when I pulled the Tooth Soap Liquid container out of the delivery box I was speechless. It was a bottle with a dropper attached. What?

I went to grab my toothbrush and read the instructions. Squeeze 2-3 drops on my brush and brush my teeth like normal. Liquid drops on my toothbrush? What?

I obeyed and brushed. My mouth starting foaming with peppermint goodness. Foaming! Magic I tell you!


Next I tried Tooth Soap Whip which is just like the Soap, but is made with the finest natural and organic ingredients (as usual) plus the addition of pure Coral Calcium from the Caribbean. Soooo cool!

A little pea drop on my brush of Whip and the foaming began again!


I also received Tooth Brightner because teeth need to be exfoliated occasionally to remove common, everyday food stains. It is a powder! Very different and unique! Use it a couple of times a week.

Did you know that natural teeth are different shades of cream and bright white teeth isn’t the norm? Hope that makes you feel better! It did me. 🙂


Tooth Swish and Tooth Shreds are other awesome products that I’d love to try next

“I formulated this one for my two girls so they would have something to use at school or when they didn’t have access to water. My youngest daughter carries Tooth Swish in her backpack and uses it after lunch because she can’t brush.” ~ Karen Van Cleef,, CEO


Can I share with you another quote from Karen?

“I don’t allow anyone in my family to brush with any products with warning labels and I hope you feel the same.”

Tooth Soap

I am so happy to be able to introduce Tooth Soap to you! I hope that you check out their website and see all the wonderful products and flavors (I neglected to tell you that there is more than a dozen flavors to choose from!)

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WIN Tooth Soap Whip, Tooth Brightener & Tooth Swish ~ in your choice of flavor

Good Luck!

Tooth Soap sent me products for the review. I was not compensated in any way and all opinions are my own. Links may be affiliate.