Today I Drank My Barista Prima Coffee Black in my Eco-Friendly KeepCup

I didn’t used to be a coffee drinker. Not at all. But I always loved the coffee flavor. Even when I was a kid, my favorite kind of ice cream at the local shop was Coffee.

A few years ago I started drinking coffee drinks that tasted more like chocolate or caramel or pumpkin. Iced or frozen were my favorite ways to drink it.

We never owned a coffee maker until I reviewed the Tassimo on the blog last year. I started getting more adventurous. “Plain” coffee, but loaded up with cream and sugar. It still tasted so good.

I’ve slowly become a coffee girl. My gift this Christmas was a Keurig and I have been having tons of fun with it. I love ordering coffees called Cinnamon Roll and German Chocolate Cake.

Green Mountain Coffee sent me a few samples to try their Barista Prima. I tried to warn them that I only like flavors, but they wanted me to give them a try to see what I thought.

This line of coffee brews four different types from dark, medium-dark, and darkest – Italian Roast, House Blend, Colombia, & French Roast.

I decided in order to give this coffee the taste test it deserves, I needed to go black. And to make it more fun, put the freshly poured coffee into my new KeepCup.

This Cup is coool in sooo many ways! Not only do you get to design your own Cup with many fab colors to choose from, but it is comes in four sizes, is bpa and toxic free and perfect to use over and over again!

It is also the first Barista standard reusable cup because they replicate standard takeaway sizes and fit under the group heads of most espresso machines. When espresso based coffee is made in your KeepCup the crema remains intact and the portioning of milk to coffee will be correct.

Cool, huh?!

It has a band around the middle where you can label your Cup and a great plug top to seal your hot drink. The best part of course is getting to design your own that my boys now each want one for their hot chocolate.

So to sum things up, I have had a good morning. The Italian Roast was surprisingly good with its ripe fruit and berry notes. Tomorrow will be the House Blend because of its subtle hints of bittersweet chocolate and a well rounded, toasted-nut finish. (well I had to get the chocolate in right?)

My KeepCup fits into my cup holder for on the go, whether it be in the car to run errands or strapped to the stroller for a walk. Hmmm…I love the feeling of hot coffee in my hands.

Wow, I think I’m all grown up now! 🙂

How do you drink your coffee?

I received these products for review but all opinions are my own.



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  • That cup is so neat! I too enjoyed coffee flavored things as a kid. As an adult though, I don't like black coffee... only froo froo drinks like mochas, frappuccinos, etc. =)
  • I am a coffee fanatic! No matter what time, day or night, there's fresh coffee made at my house. That cup is awesome! I sure hope my daughter doesn't think it's a sippy cup and want it if I win it! haha

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