Tips For Baby Feeding Magic

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What if you let baby choose what’s for dinner?

While we can’t put baby in an arcade game and move him forward, we do have tricks up our sleeve to get him to eat what we want. Well, we do at our house anyway! It can sometimes be a challenge to get P’Diddy to try new foods. Especially the foods that are GOOD for him!

It all starts when they are around six months and trying that first bite of cereal. It instantly gets spit back out and it’s kind of cute…for awhile. Cereal turns into apples and pear and eventually sweet potatoes and peas. You may be lucky and get a child who eats everything or you may to WORK for those bites!

WORK translates into FUN for baby. Here are some of the things that we do to get him to eat.

Vrooom vroom…here comes the airplane, as we sail the spoon thru the air and into his mouth. This works for a few bites, then quickly gets old. We try trucks & trains too…choo choo…once the mouth stays firmly shut, our ideas move on.

We learned that sounds and motions work the best! Itsy bitsy spider is a baby favorite and as the spider climbed the spout so does the spoon. This would get a few giggles for awhile.

Our best magic trick, or should I say tip, is praise. He loves to make us happy! We found that cheering him on with claps and yays, makes him want to perform for us again. And again. And again.

Now he can feed himself and a lot of the magic has disappeared as he has a mind of his own, but we still make snack time FUN with nutritious food and marching, playing, singing, through the house…all at the same time…well maybe we do still have a little magic 😉

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