Tiny Tush Cloth Diaper


When I buy something that I know was made in the U.S.A. it makes me feel good. If I know exactly where it came from, a company started by a wahm, for example, I feel even better. Introducing Tiny Tush Cloth Diaper.

Tiny Tush began with Charlene Foster, a mom who was searching for a better way to use clothdiapers. Over the course of diapering her five children, she’d tried everything but had yet to find anoptimal cloth diapering system. With her unique flair for textiles and clear vision of her ideal diaper, sheknew she had developed a great idea that would help her – and many other moms – to successfully clothdiaper….Tiny Tush was born!

One diaper that Charlene has perfected is the Elite Diaper which is their one size pocket! This diaper has a LOT going for it!

First ~ it has a big weight range from 7-35 lbs. To help fit babies of all size, the diaper contains a fourth row of snaps AND an extra row of snaps to keep a trim fit. I have to tell you that their tabs are amazingly stretchy – not many diapers ssstttrrreetttcchhh and this is one of my favorite features.

Second, the pocket is at the front of the diaper. This keeps you know what from riding up and in. Less messy for clean-up…you know how it goes.

Third, love when there are more options for inserts than just microfiber (and you get 2 with this one!). Now I do love microfiber at night, don’t get me wrong, but during daylight hours I like keeping the diaper trim and using natural fibers whenever possible. I was happy to get to try the 100% cotton insert too which can be folded up and used any way that fits baby best.

It would work great for you prefold/cover lovers too ~ easily keep on top, instead of stuffing inside, safe and soft against baby.

Fourth, and pretty important, comes in 13 different colors. Including some really great blues that I have never seen before. And lucky for us we get to wear one of those cool blues. Saturn Blue.

So what do you think? Want to give it a try?

You can visit Tiny Tush and see all the other great products ~ different diaper types, accessories, and other fun items including organic cotton baby blankets. ohhh doesn’t that just sound soft?

Ocean Blue

Win a OS Pocket Elite

Good Luck!

Tiny Tush sent me an Elite diaper for this review but I was not compensated in any way for the post and all opinions are my own.