Thirsties Prefold & Duo Wraps


I am a prefold user…well sometimes. It was almost my whole stash in those first newborn months. And what did I use them with? A Thirsties cover because during my cloth diaper research, these were the covers that everyone raved about. Or Duo Wraps, as they are called because only two sizes are needed as baby grows.

I still use prefolds, but probably only one a day. Mostly because I’ve gotten lazy and P’Diddy will NOT stay still long enough for me to lay it out, do the fold/roll, snappi it in place, and fiddle with the cover. When Thirsties told me they would like to send me one of their prefolds and a wrap (which I was happy about because I never got the next size up cover from them!) I was glad they wanted to send something for this event for my prefold mamas but wasn’t sure how much I would “love” it.

Let me tell you. When it arrived at my door that day and I tore open the package I was stunned. I honestly thought – What IS this? I had never seen a prefold feel or look like this one. It had a hole!

I immediately began reading the instructions which I never do. They told me to fold the diaper into thirds and just lay it in the cover. I can do that! No snappis?! What about the hole?

The instructions don’t say anything why the prefold is made like that but I have two reasons on why the hole is great!

1) you can fit in another insert like a microfiber pad that we don’t like touching baby’s bum but we love the absorbancy of it.

2) It makes the diaper a lot thinner! Which means faster drying time!

One more thing I want to share with you about the prefold. It’s made from custom hemp jersey and as their website states…it’s as soft as your favorite t-shirt…and it is! This makes it 25% more absorbent and much more durable than pure cotton.

Pair it up with one of their covers ~ best known for their leg gussets that hold everything in ~ and you are good to go! I could definitely use some more of these prefolds in my stash ~ they are easy peasy!

Mom stop taking my picture!

oh, and they are made right here in the USA, in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and employ local mamas to make their products. Perfect!

Sometimes it’s fun to get a catalog in the mail ~ Thirsties would be happy to send you one!

Win a Thirsties prefold and duo wrap in color of choice!

Good Luck

Thirsties sent me a prefold & duo wrap for this review but I was not compensated in any way for the post and all opinions are my own.