The Holidays are Here

The holidays are here and the lists have been started. Every year I ho and hum on something different that I can give. Today I have something for the pet owners that I think will make you smile.

Mr & MrsPaw renaissance pet portraits makes for a unique pet gift.

Turn the cat into a queen and the dog into a general. Our family favorites are the Star Wars themed. I bought this one below for Hubby. The process was easy peasy. Choose what theme you’d like and download your favorite pet pic. They will email you a proof and you can edit as many times as you like. It’s fun!

renaissance pet portraits

And see it made you smile! Create a picture canvas or something smaller like a phone case or coffee mug. Who knew renaissance pet portraits would be holiday gift idea this year? Very creative!

What is my favorite thing about the holidays? The decor! (well and the music too…)

This year I have a Quntis wreath that will light up my front door. It comes just like it is shown in the pic – all ready to go with ornaments, pine cones, faux berries, and of course the twinkling lights! Just put in a battery and the festivities will start. The best part? It has a timer so you don’t have to worry about turning it on and off every night.

Christmas wreath

There are three different options and wreaths to chose from on Amazon in case you don’t like the bow or want another color for the ornaments.
Use the discount code: 8NC7RXUX for 8% off until September 9, 2023. These wreaths are a great price and will make your home sparkle!

Have you started your shopping? I’d love to hear your ideas this year as the holidays are here!

I have partnered with Responsival and Quntis for these items in my post. All opinions are always my own.

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