The Beach


I was just telling Hubby the other day that our kids don’t know how fortunate they are. To get to see the ocean and take trips to the beach whenever we have the whim to do so. Growing up in the Midwest was nice and our town was right on the Mississippi River so we did have water. But it wasn’t the ocean! As you probably already know about me, I love love love the ocean.

We moved to the coast a little over two years now. We moved ourselves in the biggest truck we could rent and hauled Hubby’s car behind it while I drove the kids and dog in our van. Do you know what the first thing we did when we arrived after two days of driving? Head to the beach! We were exhausted, dirty, crabby, and just wanted to get to our new rental house that we hadn’t ever laid eyes on except for a few internet pictures. But even before picking up the keys, we dropped the moving van off in some parking lot and headed down to the shore to check out the Atlantic Ocean. The kids took off their shoes and ran! I have some great pictures from that day.

And we’ve had many pictures since then. Here are some more I’d love to share from this weekend.

And one day maybe I can actually live on the water…I can dream right?

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