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Thanks Mama Tots Bots AIO Cloth Diaper

style="text-align: center;">We have to end Cloth Christmas Week with a cloth diaper right? Well I have a good one for you from ThanksMama!
Those of you who are members of the Cloth Diapering Bloggers know that when you sign up they ask if you could create a perfect diaper what would it be? I answered a fast drying AIO with prints and remember thinking that there would probably never be such a thing. Wrong! I found it! Can you believe I found my “perfect” diaper?
Let me introduce you to Easy Fits that are made my Tots Bots and distributed by Bummis here in the U.S.
It looks a little bit different than the diapers we are used to. It has a tongue, as I call it. This tongue is made with polyester microfiber on the inside and an ultra soft rayan layer made of bamboo fibers (Oeko-tex certified!) on the outside which lays against baby’s skin. Very very soft! And very absorbent! Here is what it looks like.
You can then fold it into as many layers as you want and tuck it into the pocket to look like this.
And there is plenty of room to add an insert if you want for night time use!
The velcro is the best I’ve seen. It is very thick and sturdy and “sticks” very well. I can’t see it curling like some velcro tabs we know and it doesn’t seem to get that lint inside it either. Not exactly sure what it’s made of to make it different but it’s strong! And great laundry tabs too!
One thing I want to show you. It’s great how the velcro tabs can overlap for the little guys but make sure your tabs stay on to the strip. One of the first times we wore it, I didn’t carefully lay it on there and when baby sits up the velcro rubs on to babies skin. Not comfy! So once I realized that I just paid attention to where I laid the tabs and that there was plenty of material between the velcro and baby’s belly.
So here is my little guy wearing my dream diaper – A one-size AIO (all in one) with a cute print!
And the best part – fast drying!
Thanks Mama is a wonderful website! They carry many different products!
Cloth Diapers of course, but also Toys, BabyWear items, Mama Cloth, & lots more Baby Items!
Shipping & Rewards are two things I always check out when buying online. At ThanksMama shipping is free when you purchase $60 or more. But even if you buy one diaper it is still fair. My cart told me it was only $2.75 to ship a Tots Bots diaper to me. Plus they have a points system to help you earn rewards off your future purchases. Nice!
Thanks Mama would like you to WIN an Easy Fit Tots Bots Diaper (8-35 lbs) or a Tiny Fit for the newborns (5-12 lbs).
Thanks Mama sent me an Easy Fit cloth diaper for this review but I was not compensated in any way for the post and all opinions are my own. 


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