Teeny Turtle & Rumparooz Cloth Diaper


BEWARE…there is going to be a lot of CUTENESS in this post…with a Whale Rumparooz.

I’m excited to get to introduce Beth and Teeny Turtle to you. Don’t you love her name? Here is how she came up with it…

I’ve always liked turtles so I knew I wanted to incorporate then into my business and since I was going to be dealing with babies I thought a ‘teeny’ in front of it would make it CUTE. I guess the link goes back to my high school days when I was a huge nerd and dreamed of being a Paleontologist. I volunteered with the museum after schools and the project that I mainly worked on was reconstructing the shell and skeleton of a huge prehistoric Leatherback turtle.  Since then, I have always loved turtles, plus they are green, my favorite color.

While her business is on the newer side, her website is brand spanking new! You will be one of the first to click through its pages.

CUTE website…CUTE name…CUTE logo…and wait til you see my CUTE new diaper on my CUTE baby!

This diaper was made for ME!

Turtles…Beach Mama…we had to give you a WHALE diaper right?

OS Rumparooz! This is an award winning diaper and I can see why! It has a feature I’ve never seen before and I think is really cool…

A ‘Poop Scoop’ ~ can you see the extra ledges inside the diaper to hold everything in? And doubles as an extra leg gusset.  It comes with two micro terry inserts that snap together to make it a fantastic nighttime diaper. Nothing can escape this diaper!

It’s soft and squishy and comes in a lot of CUTE prints!

Teeny Turtle also sells lots of different Moby Wraps and other items us mamas love to use! Here is P’Diddy in his CUTE new amber stoned healing necklace. It’s the brushed look, instead of shiny, and we are wearing it all the time!

(if you look on the website of these you may not see them yet ~ things are slowly be added to her site!)

Beth’s reply when I asked if she was a crunchy mama…Crunchy? I’ve been known to eat granola every now and then 😉 but my definition of crunchy is more about the environment and having as little impact as we can.  I grew up in a household with a Marine Biologist as a Dad (no wonder she likes turtles!!) and he instilled in me the importance of keeping the environment healthy, keeping as much as we can out of the landfills and reusing and recycling as much as possible. It makes me proud when my 2 year old son knows the empty cardboard cereal box doesn’t go in the trash, it goes in the paper bin 🙂

Also, shipping is very important to us right? Shipping is only $2.99 on all items (a tad more on Rockin’ Green) but FREE once you hit $50 which is not hard to do, right mamas? 🙂

Win a OS Rumparooz in Whale print with Aplix

Good Luck!

Teeny Turtle sent me a Rumparooz for this review. I was not compensated in any way for the post and all opinions are my own.