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I come from a fudge family. Well, I come from a father who loves fudge that is and took every opportunity he could to get it. I remember every time we went on a vacation and found fudge shops we had to go right in and get some.

We recently lived in a tourist town and our house was close to a shopping area that had one of those fudge shops. You know the kind where they keep the doors open so you can smell it as you walk by. The kind where they yell at you from the inside to come in come in we want to show you how we make our fudge. So one day we walked in and watched the show! Amazing, the process to make fudge. It’s hard work!

It doesn’t help that I’m a chocoholic too. Chocolate and fudge. One of my favorite combinations! I’m hungry just thinking about it all over again.

You can imagine I was elated when Sweet Melissa’s Confections agreed to be on the blog this week! Melissa does all of her production in a certified catering kitchen and has her Food Handler’s Certificate from the State of MN. She operates her store out of Etsy and this is a little how she got started….

I have been working in restaurant and retail food for the past 20 years. I have done everything from fast food to fine dining to gourmet grocery to warehouse.

A little over three years ago I decided to whittle my skills down to baking and pastry and go back to school. I attended AI Minneapolis and graduated with honors while working and raising a family. I then worked in various kitchens until my husband and I decided to add one more to the family.

During that time I became more involved with candy making and I have decided to specialize in fudge and caramels. I enjoy producing high-quality, mind-blowing sweets for you to enjoy on a quiet night, or be the hit of a party.

We were delighted when Melissa sent us a sample box of her yummy fudge. I opened it and tasted it right away! And then again! And again! yyyuuummm. Have I told you that I love chocolate? Like my father, I am a chocolate nut fan and even more specific, chocolate almond. I thought I would surprise my dad with some of Melissa’s fudge for Christmas but I didn’t see this exact flavor stocked in her store so I sent her a quick email mentioning it and right away she told me she would make us some! He loved it and even shared a little (but not to much) with me! 🙂

My boys like to go beyond the basic chocolate and eat different flavors. They were bouncing off the walls eating this chocolate peanut butter…

Is your mouth watering yet?

But I’m not done! I want to show you what else Melissa makes that Hubby went coo-coo over. Caramels! I have to admit that I am not as big of a caramel fan but you just heard me say I love almonds right? How about almond coconut caramels? They were really really good!!! Each one is individually wrapped just like you were buying them from a candy store. Yum!

I don’t know Melissa all that well so I was curious of her answer when I asked her if she was a Crunchy Mama? She is! This is what she said…I’m for sure a crunchy mama.  I have a 16 month old who I cloth diaper, co-sleep with, and wear (as much as he can stand it). I had a drug-free natural labor and birth that I would have loved to do at home, but because of risks in my pregnancy I had to be monitored closely. We are also locavores as much as possible and eat mainly organic. All of our meat is purchased from local farms, but only 2 of us eat meat so we don’t buy regularly. The summer farmer’s markets are my Heaven!

I should have asked her how much fudge and caramels her and her family really eat – hee hee – because I know I would be in big trouble! 🙂

Would you like to WIN a 1 lb sample box of Melissa’s yummy fudge? Here are all the available flavors that could be in your box!

Chocolate ~Chocolate Walnut ~ Peanut Butter Chocolate ~ Peanut Butter ~ Peppermint ~ Cookies and Cream (my Hubby’s favorite!) ~ Raspberries and Cream ~Orange Cream~ Maple Nut

Golly I think I need another sample box myself!

Good Luck!

Sweet Melissa’s Confections sent me a sample box for this review but I was not compensated in any way for the post and all opinions are my own. 


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