Surf Sweets Organic Candy

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I knew when I heard the words Surf and Sweets together that it was for me! Surf Sweets organic candy is our new favorite treat.

All natural and organic gummy candy and jelly beans…free of artificial colors and sweeteners. This was too good to be true!

Surf Sweets

Surf Sweets


If you ask O’Bear what he wants for his snack, he will answer Fruit Snacks. Does our house have fruit snacks in it? No. At least not most of the time. He has to hit me on a really good day when I’m grocery shopping for me to give in. I hate those things. They are full of high fructose corn sugar and more yucky-ness. Same goes with gummy candies. The boys may get them for Halloween or from birthday parties, but not from me.

Well that has all changed! We have tried Surf Sweets and they are yummy in our tummy!

Surf Sweets

I think my favorite one is the Sour Berry Bears ~ lightly sugared, made with organic sweeteners & organic fruit juice. 100% Vitamin C too! I grabbed one out of the snack sized bag after every meal and treated myself. Is it bad that I always need something sweet after I eat?

The boys enjoyed the Jelly Beans which came in a variety pack of different flavors. As usual O’Bear stole all the oranges and lemons out first and C’Man the cherry & strawberry. The only thing they ever differ on!

Have you ever heard of Organic Jelly Beans?!!

All of their candy is:

  • Made with Organic Fruit Juice & Sweeteners
  • Natural Colors & Flavors
  • 100% of your Daily Vitamin C
  • Free of Corn Syrup and GMOs
  • Made in Nut Free Facility
  • Gluten Free

We also love companies with good causes. Surf Sweets supports many including The Ocean Project, the largest network ever formed to focus on ocean conservation. The Ocean Project works with over 1,000 partner aquariums, zoos, science museums and other educational organizations to inform, educate and protect our planet’s oceans.

You can find Surf Sweets on Amazon!

Surf Sweets

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Surf Sweets sent me a variety pack of products to review. Links may be affiliate and all opinions are my own.