SuperWHY Live: You’ve Got the Power!

We had some pretty happy kids last night as we traveled to the brand new, first ever, SuperWHY Live Tour!

I took P’Diddy of course, and O’Bear didn’t want to miss out on the fun either so he came along. Joining us was our good friends and we were ready for a night of singing and dancing!

The kids first visited all of the characters in the lobby. Say cheese!

O’Bear was toooo cooool for Princess Pea….she’s a girl!


We got to our seats with a just a few moments to spare. They were ready to roll!

The story followed along just like the tv show! Whyatt and his friends Princess Pea, Red, & Pig plug in the Super Duper Computer to gather data about a problem or question. How do you find the solution?

You look…in a book!

The audience helped find the letters in their adventure through out the show, to spell out the answer to the question they were seeking.

My camera phone did not like the dark or the reflecting lights on stage to get many pictures to show you, but my friend snagged this photo.

The bulk of the props are shown on the screen behind them. It was like watching a giant movie. The characters you can see are live on the stage, interacting with both the screen and the audience.

It was filled with fun and music to grab the children’s attention. Shorter than an hour and a half, it went by fast and soon we were waving goodbye to Whyatt and friends. Even Woofster had shown up, much to O’Bears delight.


Tickets are still left in a few cities in the southeast at

Look for them to travel to more cities soon!

I was given tickets for my review but all thoughts are definitely my own.


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