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I have lived in two amazing parts of the country. The ocean to the mountains. Both places I highly recommend for different reasons and there are very few negatives to either. Our number one drawback though is being away from the grandparents. They are in the Midwest, which as you know is nowhere near the coast or the Rockies.

our most recent pic of visiting grandma
our most recent pic of visiting grandma

How do we stay in touch? We have done Skype a few times and I love the idea of real face time, but in reality we don’t use it. Maybe it’s too much work trying to find a time to log in at the same time to fit everyone’s schedule? We do text a lot, but you can only say so much right?

Now there is a super fun way for kids to send and receive real voice messages. CloudPets are cuddly stuffed animals that will record what they have to say and send off to their grandparents – or whoever! – has the app downloaded on their device. The best part is, grandma can then send a voice message back and it will come through the CloudPet like it is talking!

We headed to Walmart to buy the Puppy CloudPet. Woofie is his new name.


We found him and his friends up front by the registers. We also grabbed three AA batteries so that Woofie would talk to us when he had a new message. CloudPets are available in select Walmart stores right now, but will be nationwide soon! The holidays are coming and I can’t imagine a better gift to stay connected!

CloudPets at Walmart

The boys just wanted to tear him right out of his box then and there, but I made them wait so that we could read the full instructions.

As soon as we were home, I downloaded the free app to register Woofie and invite others to send a message to us. With just 2 buttons on the CloudPet it is not hard to figure out how to record and how to receive a message. So exciting for the kids! I can’t tell you how many times P’Diddy made a message and played it over and over again.

CloudPets App

Not only did he want his grandparents to be a part of his new toy, but he wanted to be able to send messages throughout the day to Daddy at work. I thought this was a great idea! I text with my Hubby all day long, but a five year old doesn’t text and what a super way for them to be able to keep in touch about the school day or soccer practice.

Puppy CloudPets

A message you can hug really is a key to your heart.

I would love to hear how you would use your CloudPets!

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