SoundAsleep Curtains Review


SoundAsleep Curtains have saved the day. Or at least nap time.
SoundAsleep Curtains

Sunlight. It is not my friend when I am sleeping. I like a dark room. Research shows that sleeping in a dark room helps our sleep cycles, which in turn makes us less moody the next day because we received such a good night’s rest!

When I heard of SoundAsleep Room Darkening Curtains I wanted to give them a try! I put them in P’Diddy’s room because in our new house he only had a wussy shade and I believed it was making his naps shorter. He likes dark too!

The Official Curtain of the National Sleep Foundation, SoundAsleep Room Darkening Curtains marry fashion, function and design to create the optimal sleep environment for everyone. SoundAsleep Curtains room darkening technology reduces penetrating light, which offers a key component necessary for a better night’s sleep darkness.

I picked out a light green color that I love and headed to the store and bought these cute animal figures that attached to the end of the curtain rod. His room was going to be cute…and dark!

SoundAsleep Curtains

SoundAsleep Curtains

I am very happy with our new curtains! They don’t make the room completely black, which is what I was thinking they would do in my head, but make the room seem like early morning. When the sun is just coming up. Dark but not pitch black dark.

Here are some features I’m sure you’d like to know!

  • Available in 10 colors and 4 lengths, with 2 valance style options
  • Price point of $19.99 – $34.99, depending on length
  • Machine washable textured chenille fabric
  • Available on Amazon


The Sleep Better and Win! Sweepstakes will award two lucky winners a $500 Amazon Gift Card and one very lucky winner will get a $1500 Amazon Gift Card! Beginning October 14th, those who Like the SoundAsleep Curtains Facebook Page will receive one entry for the sweepstakes, and may receive additional entries for sharing the Page with their friends.


I was sent this set of curtains for review, but all opinions are my own.

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