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Sophie the Giraffe Teether

“You bought him a dog toy?” was my husband’s response when he came home from work the other day.

“No!” I definitely cried, “Everyone has one. She’s ‘the thing’ for babies”

“Oh, the follower,” he smirked to me.

I was appalled! For a second…because it’s true. P’Diddy had to get Sophie the Giraffe. I didn’t actually mean to go with the crowd, I was just looking for a teether, but once I started researching teethers I learned that everyone does have one. And to prove my point – when we go out and P’Diddy is playing with Sophie, everyone says “oh, we have Sophie too!”

What makes Sophie so special? Check out all her unique traits…

P’Diddy loves Sophie! She is just the right size for him to hang on to and as you can see his favorite part of her is the ears! They are the perfect little bite to nibble on. And perfectly safe. Sophie’s natural rubber comes from the Hevea tree. Yes a tree! And her colorful spots are non-toxic food paint.

Sophie the Giraffe

 Admit it, you have a Sophie the Giraffe too?! 😉


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