Snyder’s of Hanover New Pretzel Varieties

Our pantry is never without pretzels. It is O’Bear’s number one snack and what he wants to bring in his school bag everyday. He goes for the plain salty, unlike his mama who is drolling over the new Snyder’s of Hanover sweet and salty line.


Sweet and Salty Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel Pieces — The classic combination of cinnamon and sugar is sprinkled on lightly salted and crunchy, bite-size sourdough Pretzel Pieces.

Sweet and Salty Salted Caramel Pretzel Pieces — Buttery caramel is accented with flecks of salt on bite-size, golden-brown sourdough Pretzel Pieces that bring a big crunch to this flavor favorite.

These two flavors are actually right up Hubby’s alley. I think I need to grab a bag of each and try them! I love those bite-sized sourdough pieces, don’t you? They are hitting shelves this month so be on the lookout. Each bag should retail around $3.69.

Sweet and salty remains a popular consumer snack request, so adding the flavor combination to our Pretzel Pieces line was a natural extension. There are so many wonderful ways to enjoy them. Get creative by pairing them with your favorite desserts, like ice cream, or eat them right out of the bag, said Bob Gould, Marketing Manager for Snyder’s of Hanover

I agree! YUM!

oh, speaking of sweet and salty…remember these? Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods. I had them on the blog around Halloween time. They would be perfect for any holiday!


How do you like your pretzels? Sweet or Salty? 🙂



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