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What do you do when you have a question, or maybe a concern about your children? Google. Am I right? How often do you get frustrated with the wealth of searches that come up…most of them not really pinpointing what you REALLY want to know.

I’m teamed up with Bundoo – a place you can visit to easily find what you need right away. A community that you can get close to. A parenting website with real people!

Bundoo is split into four sections for easy navigation with Trending Topics right at the top (love this part! I just keep clicking into them)…


Bundoo A-Z is probably where you’ll go first to see what can advice you can get on the topics that have been on your mind.

I clicked into Preschoolers and there was an article for something that I have been wondering about – Help Teaching Biking with a Balance Bike. Now we have a balance bike, but as I watch P’Diddy use it, I keep wondering if this is really going to work?

I was really excited to find this one – Natural Remedies on Eczema. It had GREAT suggestions and not just what the suggestions were, but why they work. Did you know that sprinkling uncooked oatmeal into your child’s warm bath water will help? Oats contain compounds that soothe inflammation, while also hydrating the skin. I am all about finding what you can around the house first.

You can Save the Article if you want for easy access later on – right in your Bundoo profile.

Bundoo Community is another area with a wealth of information. Not only is this where you’ll find their blog with posts written by experts of their field, but you can join a Group. The Groups can vary from Pregnant to Local in your area. This is a great way to connect to other moms who are just like you!

You’ll also find the Marketplace where you can buy the latest and greatest baby items.

All of these resources are FREE, but maybe there is a question (or two or three) on your mind that hasn’t been found in either one of these places. You’ll want to check out the Ask Bundoo section. This is a paid service where real doctors and experts in their field answer your questions personally!


I had a question…so I got to see how this works.

I asked about my son’s ever growing cough. I did not want to take the time to drive to the doctor and wait around forever just for them just to tell me that it will go away, so this was a great opportunity to get to ask/talk with a real pediatrician.

I explained my issue and asked at what point Should I go to the Doctor and What Can I do at Home to help him? I sent in my question at 8pm and by 11am the next day I had an answer. Can’t get much better than that! She gave me some ideas of what it could be and reasons for why it takes time to go away. She also told me that if it is getting worse then I should take him to the doctor…a kick in the butt is what I sometimes need!

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Check it out at Bundoo and while you are there see what else they have to offer!

I am a Bundoo Blog Ambassador. This post is part of a sponsored campaign. I received compensation for my participation, but my review and opinions are my own. 



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