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I always let P’Diddy pick what he wants to watch on TV while we eat our lunch during the school week. Our channel is usually set automatically on PBS since we don’t have cable, but I’ll tell you that he is getting GOOD at navigating Netflix on the roku. Maybe too good for a three year old.

The other day at mealtime he tells me he wants to watch C’Man’s show. I look over and he has the controller pointed at Man vs Wild. I just burst out laughing! I told him he wouldn’t like it and to please pick something else, but he insisted so I let him. I can’t remember how long he watched for. His TV attention span isn’t all that great, but it made me think about how a preschooler watches his big brothers and wants to copy everything they do.


And that is why Kidoodle.TV is perfect. Each child has their own profile and you can tailor it to their specific age and set up what shows are and are not appropiate for that age. You also have to log in manually each time they want to watch something. This is a nice feature at our house because my kids are known for grabbing my iPad when I’m not looking to do what they want on it.


Now they have each developed their own favorite shows with Kidoodle.TV. P’Diddy loves loves Chuck and Friends. O’Bear thinks the game show Life (like the board game!) is the coolest and C’Man will always chose a National Geographic show first. Now while his brothers’ shows aren’t necessarily bad, I know that P’Diddy won’t enjoy them as much at his age and that is why it is nice that he has his own profile to choose from. Unlike Netflix where he could pick anything!


There is also a timer where you can set how long they watch and it will shut off when time is up. I don’t find I really need this feature because my kids don’t usually watch more than one show (plus I can’t imagine the screams when it would get turned off!), but I can see how people would use it and is a good option to be included.

Once you have your account you can stick it on your iTunes as an app or watch it directly online at Kidoodle.TV for any device. Can’t wait til it is on the roku!

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