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Are you ready to Shop to be Green? I know you are!!

Why I loved this store before I even started looking around…

We prefer to carry products made out of recycled materials created in an environmentally friendly way; like our reclaimed wood furniture, recycled water bottle felt pillows, and junk mail greeting cards. We also choose to carry a lot of products that are handmade by small family owned companies.

Can their vendors..reduce the public’s use of petroleum products; lower landfill contribution either through bio-degradability, pre-cycle and recycle usage; and lowering chemical exposure by providing naturally made alternatives? If not, you won’t find them here!

Love it already! Now let me tell you about Shop to be Green.

This store has some awesome stuff! In all categories from kitchen-bath to jewelry and pets! I got to try a couple of different things…



The Solay Simple Multi-Purpose Cleaner I took right out of the shipping box and whipped it into action cleaning up my crummy kitchen counter. It’s a large bottle that should last awhile and I felt good knowing I was using an all natural cleaner. The only kind allowed in this house! I had so much fun using my spray that I just kept cleaning…and cleaning…not like me at all!




Then I took a shower that night with my new Handmade Purifying Face Soap. 100% Natural and Vegan. Made with Himalayan salt So-lay concentrate, olive oil, soybean oil, coconut oil, Canola, palm kernel oil, Almond oil with essential oils of Ginger, lemongrass and sandalwood. Boy was I smelly good and left me with a nice fresh feeling on my skin. It’s hard to find a good face soap that isn’t to harsh.

There are many other items on my wish list at Shop to be Green. I like trying out different deodorants and their Solay Deodorant Stone looks great. As do the lotions, masks, shampoos…I could go on…

They also have some fun products. Check out this No Whining Throw Pillow made with recycled water bottles. They are hand stitched and there are different ones to choose from! Be sure to visit them under Gift Ideas.

You know me…I could blab forever about the products that I need…yes need…I’ll let you check them out!

Win $25 to Shop to be Green


Good Luck!

Shop to be Green sent me two products to review and all opinions are my own.


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