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We were visiting my father this weekend and the boys were swimming at the pool. He turns to me and asked ‘why do the they wear those sun shirts?’

Well dad there are a few reasons they do!

  • They are warmer for off season ocean water
  • They are fun and cute!
  • They protect skin from the sun is of course our #1 reason

We are not huge suntan lotion fans. Yes we use it when we need it which is longer periods of time out in the peak daytime hours. But I prefer to use as little as possible. One way we do this is by covering up with protective gear!


My boys wear their swimwear sun shirts to swim lessons, to the waterpark, and of course to the beach!

O’Bear’s swimwear from Seasons UV is very fun! It has a hidden back pocket, a longer tail to cover his behind more, and the shark is supposed to magically get darker in the sunlight. He loves it, along with his matching board shorts that reach down to his knees. He looks like a little surfer!

C’Man is the super hero of the day! What better way to get your children to want to wear their swimwear then by giving them their favorite characters to act like. This shirt is very form fitting with a high neck. Perfect for him!


Be smart in the sun. While we all do need some sun benefits, the ultraviolet rays can be harmful when we have been exposed for too long. Having safe, fun, lightweight, swim gear is a wonderful option and I am so glad that we have found a great store like Seasons UV to help with that!

Buy apparel for the all the kids, mom, and your pets too!



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