Sea Sponge Tampons from GladRags

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GladRags is here to help with that statistic! From cotton pads, to menstrual cups, to Sea Sponge Tampons!

The average woman uses nearly 17,000 disposable pads and tampons throughout her lifetime. In North America alone, an estimated 20 billion bleached pads and tampons end up in our landfills and sewage systems each year!

Today we are going to concentrate on the sea sponges. Do they really come from the sea? Yes!

From the Jade & Pearl brand ~ Our sponges come mainly from the Gulf Coast of Florida, the Bahamas and occasionally, from Greece. We work closely with the University of Florida Sea Grant Extension Program to insure that sponge harvesting remains a sustainable resource. Sponge tissue left attached to the substrate when the sponge is harvested can actually grow to produce a new sponge within months.

Isn’t that very interesting?!!

Sea Sponge Tampons

I was very anxious to try these and wondered what I would think as a mostly pad girl.

I was quite happy and these are my thoughts!

Sea Sponge Tampons

~ conforming. They can squeeze and bend and fit right how they are supposed to. If you feel they are a little big then take a scissors and trim them up a bit. You shouldn’t feel them at all!

~ absorbent. I would wear mine for a few hours at a time with no issues. The kit comes with two pantyliners you may also wear if you are afraid of leaks.

~ easy. You can rinse them out right when you are done or put them in the cotton bag that the sponges come with for later cleaning. They should last 6 months to a year before you need new ones.

~ wear during sex. enough said 🙂


Be sure to check out GladRag’s cotton pads or organic undyed cotton if you’d like another option then Tree Hugger’s minky (yesterday’s review to learn why mama cloth is awesome). They are soft and breathable and you will never want to buy disposables again.

We want you find the perfect product to help you change over!


Sea Sponge Tampons

Win Jade & Pearl Sea Sponge Tampons with cotton bag + 2 GladRags pantyliners

Edited years later to add: Sea Sponge Tampons are my absolute fav ‘green’ monthlys product. 

I was sent this set for review and all opinions are my own.